Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You're still here?

I don't know if anyone ever checks this anymore. HOWEVER, if you DO, here's a little update.

Conrey is walking, but only with help the majority of the time. If he doesn't realize he's doing it, he can. As his confidence increases, so does his ability. He has 11 teeth with #12 trying hard to bust through.

Cassie is doing well and is learning, learning, learning. She is becoming much more self-sufficient and is a great babysitter for little brother.

Mark is still job hunting. We are trusting in God to find us the right job at the right time in the right location. Prayers for that would be appreciated.

Me? Well, I'm just doing my thing. The kids and I go to the zoo most every morning to walk for exercise and to just get us out in the sunshine. We've been swimming a lot and just enjoying the summer.

For those of you in KC, we'll be there this weekend for the 4th. Give us a call if you're there and have some free time. Maybe we can get together. I MISS YOU ALL!