Friday, December 21, 2007

A Quickie

This morning, Cassie saw a picture of her and 2 of her baby dolls. She said, "Oh...precious!" in a sing-song/dreamy sort of voice. It was too, too funny! That's my quickie for today!

DIRTY MINDS! Get your mind out of the gutter!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not much time update that is. This will be brief. I just wanted to update so that I didn't get nasty comments about updating. :) I know...I'm the nasty commenter, but......

I am simply going to brag on my daughter. Everyone finds their child amazing...I am no different. However, I truly believe that she is above average in her critical thinking skills at this point. She just amazes me with the things that she puts together and understands conceptually. I remember a time when my niece, Caitlin, was around 2 (maybe younger, maybe older...I'm not really sure. She's incredibly intelligent, herself). She realized that the ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle were the same song. I thought that it was just unbelievably intelligent at her age. Last night, Cassie was singing, "ABCDEFGHIJK....." She looked at me puzzled and said, "Twinkle, twinkle little star???" It clicked in her head that it was the same tune. From my experience, most adults do not even realize that it is the same tune, so I just find it so hard to believe that a 19-month-old heard the tune and thought of the other words (by the case you didn't know...bah, bah, black sheep is the same tune, too).

That's all. I just think that she's amazing. :) She is. :) If you disagree, well, don't disagree! :) If you have kids, chances are I think that they are amazing too. Kids just amaze me with their comprehension. Amazing! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mystery, not murder...

Sorry for those of you who aren't from church...this is kind of a "business" post. :)

So, I have a great idea for an outreach between LINKS get-together. I was thinking maybe with the empty nesters. Here's the idea: A Mystery Dinner. As my title says, no, not a murder mystery...just mystery. Let me tell you the gist/jist (however you spell that word) of it and you all tell me what you think.

First, we decide on a theme and menu. For instance, when I did it in high school, it was at St. Patrick's day time, so we had everything decorated in green and our "mystery" clues (explained below) were irish-themed.

Basically, you take each thing on your menu from the main course, the forks, spoons, etc., bread, butter, dessert, you name it...if they use it during the meal (excluding plates...they're complimentary), :) then you give it a code name. When we did the Irish theme, carrot coins were gold coins. Our green beans were something about clovers. Anyway, the menu that your guests get, just have the code names on it. For each course, they pick 4-5 items (based on how many items vs. how many courses you want to have) and then they turn in their choices before the dinner begins. Each course, they get their picks and ONLY their picks. If they get sloppy joe meat with no bun...well...that's just the way it works. If they get their dessert, napkin, fork, and tea as the first be it! They always get water, but that and plates are the only "givens."

It is always quite the riot to see what combinations people will end up with. We did it where each table ordered all together so that they all got the same course each time. We had an older lady eating lasagna with her menu. Quite hilarious!

Anyway, I just think that this would be a great way for the Young Couples class to kind of bridge the gap with the class that is right next door that we never, ever do anything with OR with the teens...whatever people would be up for. Let me know what you girls think! I could give a sample menu if anyone doesn't get it. You know I'm not very precise while pregnant... :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Well, hello........

I know I've been a slacker lately. It's been a looooooong few weeks. I've been tired...oh, so tired. I've been overwhelmed by normal life. I've been trying to get Christmas stuff done (yeah, we haven't even pulled the decoration boxes out of storage yet...not so sure it's gonna happen this year...). Did I mention that I've been tired?

Here's why I'm lamenting the tiredness so much. It just hit like 2 to 2-1/2 weeks ago. I should have hit it at the beginning and it should be IMPROVING by now...not starting. That's why I'm perplexed. So now, I find myself extremely worn out with little to no energy. At any given moment, my house is typically in sub-disaster mode (that means that it could almost be declared a national disaster, but I do just enough to keep from that). I just don't have the umph to keep up! However, there is a plus side to it. On days when I have my daycare kids, something kicks into overdrive and I do alright the whole day. It really is amazing the way a mother can perform when she absolutely has to. I'm not so sure that daddies have that in them without years of practice! :) God has certainly been good to me in giving me that extra strength on the days that really count!

So, I'm really tired I why the heck am I up blogging at 10:30 p.m.?!? Well, I napped on the way home from Ta-Town today (that's hometown) and now find myself unable to slow down the body/mind/etc. to make myself go up and lay down. A nice, warm bath sure sounds good, though...

Cassie continues to amaze me further. We watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning. There is a character named Tootles. He provides their mouse-ka-tools (not sure how they would spell that). When they need his help, they say, "OH TOOTLES!" and he comes. Well, Cassie loves that...that's her favorite part. So, I usually say, "OH....." and she'll say, "OH TOOTLES!" The other day, I said, "OH...." and she said, "God, are my, la, la, praise you..." She was singing Step By Step! She knows that she knows "" and "Step bah step..." I just couldn't believe my ears! It's from her Praise Baby videos and I just think that it is absolutely priceless that she is learning those songs at such a tender age! Now, if only I could get her to cooperate and sing the kid songs like Jesus Love Me, which she typically only wants me to sing! She does sing parts of Jesus Loves the Little Children, though.

We have a drop-in house guest tonight, tomorrow, and possibly longer. It's a lady from my church back home that got stranded here due to the weather. She's the sweetest thing, so she should be a very pleasant houseguest. Let's just hope she doesn't go nuts Wednesday when I have all of my daycare kiddos here!

Well, that's about all I have to say for tonight. If I don't get a drink soon, I think that I may ralph, so I need to go get some water. Everyone take care, stay warm (for goodness' sake!), and I'll catch 'ya on the flip side!

Monday, December 3, 2007


So, I'm still feeling really tired. Not sure what the deal is. I laid down at 6:15-ish tonight because my back was hurting (it always hurts) and Mark was here, so I was able to do that while he watched Cassie. Next thing I knew, he was waking me up to tell Cassie good night at 8:25. SHEESH! I hadn't even cleaned up dinner! Guess those leftovers are going in the trash!

Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm tired. That's all. Good night! :)