Sunday, October 28, 2007


[EDIT] Don't you all remember how rambly I am when I'm pregnant?!? For those of you who don't or weren't around me then...WATCH OUT! I ramble a bunch and say, "Uh..." or "Um..." a lot with nothing to follow. I just don't realize I do it. I think that there are a few people who read this blog that might say I ramble all the's way worse when I'm prego. SORRY! :)

So...I'm not doing so good. I've been feeling rather icky. I just keep telling myself 2 things:

A) It could be a WHOLE lot worse.
B) The absolute, positively longest that it can last is June. Worse case scenario. It would be groovy if it would only last another 4-10 weeks, but absolutely at the worst...June.

I say that only because my sis-in-law, Laura, threw up like every time she tried to eat through the whole pregnancy. Laura--was it all the way until you delivered? It seems like it to me... My sis-in-law, Michelle, was on IV fluids for the first 16 weeks because she was so sick and couldn't eat really anything and then was on anti-nausea meds the entire pregnancy that were like $140 or something like that for 3 days' worth. AWFUL! So, I could be worse.

Here's my problem...I just wanna throw up...just once a day... However, I can't. Weird, huh? Last week when I had the flu, I would have given anything to NOT throw up...this week, I'm wishing to just throw up a little. I don't know if it would be the same or not, but when I was preg with Cassie, throwing up made me feel all better.

Have I mentioned yet that I feel like this is a boy? I would be completely happy having all girls. I know girls. I know what to do with girls. Boys? Not so kind of intimidates me. Mark really wants a son, though, so I would certainly not pray or wish for all girls, because that would not be fair. Basically, we'll get what we get and if they are all healthy, I'm happy as a lark. If we have a boy...I'll learn.

We didn't make it to LIFE group tonight, which was a bummer. It's been really hard making it for some reason. Tonight, it was because Cassie took only a 15-minute nap (on the way home) today and has been a BEAR ever since. She went to bed at 7 p.m. as a result. We just knew that she was gonna be awful. Also, it is so hard because she is rambuncious (sp?) on a regular night when she has slept well and we seem to get nothing out of the study because we're fussing with her. It's just hard, you know?

In CASSIE NEWS...this girl is a TALKER! She has upped her verbal skills even higher since I've been keeping Aleigha...the 3-year-old. She says almost anything and everything now. I usually understand her and Mark usually understands her. As for strangers or people that aren't around her as much--she gets shy and doesn't talk as much around them. However, when she does, they typically understand what she says. It's exciting to me that she's becoming a little communicator. I think that a lot of people don't believe us that she talks a lot because she's so shy, but she's been a bit more brave lately and Mark's mom commented on how much she was talking when they kept her the other night. It also makes things so much easier!!!

Oh...other Cassie news...she now sleeps in her big girl bed for night time AND naps. Tonight will make night #8 and tomorrow's nap will be nap #3 that she's been in her big girl bed. She loves climbing up on it and laying down on her new little pillow. She loves "tucking" her baby in and just being a big girl! I can't believe how easy this transition was!!! I think that the crib will be coming down soon, but I just can't do it yet because of naptime...I just can't risk her not napping with my daycare kids.

While we're talking about my big girl, she also moved up to the "big kid" class at church today! It is for 18 months and up. She'll be 18 months on Nov 17, so they just decided to go ahead and move her since she is mature for her age. YAY! She loved it and was excited since "Aunt Micki" (my sis-in-law, Michelle) is her teacher.

OK...I've rambled quite enough. SHEESH! I haven't written this long of a post in a while! Everyone have a great night/day/whatever and I'll catch 'ya later!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm better...just really, really sleepy these days. I haven't hit that all-out exhausted phase, but I'm sure it's just around the river bend.

I don't have time to update much, but I'll just say that for now and try to update soon.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Never been sicker in my life...

So, I spent some time in the hospital yesterday. Yes, that's right...the hospital. I have my entire life been as sick with vomitting and "other" as I was Wednesday starting at about 11:45 through Thursday morning and beyond. I ended up having Mark take me to the hospital at about 6:30ish for dehydration. Because of the fact that I had flu-like symptoms Sunday/Monday...felt fine Tuesday and Wednesday...had flu-like symptoms again Wednesday night PLUS the fact that I had had some cramping in my extreme lower right pelvic region, they were concerned about a possible ectopic gestation. This is the same as a tubal pregnancy. Basically, the baby implants somewhere other than in the uterus (in the fallopian tubes in the case of a tubal pregnancy) and the pregnancy has to be terminated. After much worry, they did a sonogram and as soon as she got to my uterus, I recognized the glorious sight of my precious baby's yolk sac (what will become the amniotic sac). I confirmed with the sonographer that that was indeed what I thought it was and let out a huge sigh of relief and thank you to God.

Two bags of fluid and 2 doses of Zofran (nausea medicine) later, I was sent home and spent the entire rest of the day in bed. The prognosis: Intestinal flu and dehydration. I'm going to be okay. I am feeling better today, though awfully weak and worn out. Oh, and my abs are sore from all of the "clean out."

The doctor can only assume that I picked up 2 different flu bugs...1 mild and 1 really harsh. It was definitely the flu and not just pregnancy sickness as so many people have assumed. I could have told you that without the dr's diagnosis. I have seriously never been that violently ill in my memory. It was awful.

So, like I said, I'm doing better and am just resting a bunch. For you church people...I doubt I'll be there Sunday, as I just want to rest up as much as possible before starting my week of daycare. I've already lost quite enough income from being sick to where I really, really need to be healthy this week.

Please, please, please pray that Mark, Cassie, and my daycare kids stay healthy. That's the most important thing to me right now...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So, now I'm not so sure if it was morning sickness or the bug that I had setting in early. I have felt pretty close to normal today, so I'm not counting the bug out entirely. I guess we'll see how the next few days go.

For those of you who saw me pregnant last time, I'm sure that you won't be surprised to hear that I'm already showing quite a bit this time. From my LMP (date of last period), I am 5 weeks and 3 days along. From my date of ovulation, I am exactly 5 weeks. Either way, I'm showing WAAAAAY too early.

As soon as I have charged batteries, I'll take pics and post them. So, so sad.

Today, Aleigha (the girl I babysit) told me that she thinks that there are 2 babies in my tummy. She's not quite 3. Should I be worried that she might be psychic? YIKES! If it weren't for the fact that I started wearing maternity pants at 6-1/2 weeks last time, I might be concerned like I was then. However, I just know that I pop out really quickly. Crazy.

As for how I'll look come's an idea. Click on it for a better view. Scary...really scary.
I was still a week away from my due date. It all went straight (and I do mean straight) out. For my body...huge. Really, really huge. In fact, some have commented that it might count as "disgustingly huge." Mark and some of my close friends say that I looked worse in picture...this picture actually does me justice! YIKES!

Well, that's all for tonight. I'm going to bed.

Monday, October 15, 2007


So, the fam knows now, so you all can talk about me behind my back as much as you'd like! :)

I am, so sick. Starting last Tuesday (I think the day I posted), I have been really, really sick with this pregnancy...approximately 2 weeks EARLIER than I got sick with Cassie.

Last night, on the way home from Branson, I said, "Mark, I think I have a fever...I'm starting to feel really crummy." He felt my head and said he thought I did too. When we stopped, I took my temp (I had Cassie's thermometer with me) and I did, indeed, have a fever. The moment we got home, I rushed up to the bathroom where I got violently ill with multiple issues (if you get my drift) and then promptly went to bed. I did not stay in bed much last night or this morning, but have been puke-free since about 8:30 a.m. I still have a slight fever and a rather unpleasant stomach ache, but am feeling loads better than I was. It was all so sudden and so feverish. No fun...especially added to the morning sickness (which is an all-day affair).

Anyhoo. That's my story. I feel yucky...

However, I'm pregnant and my wonderful tadpole-like baby is getting arms and legs this week, which will greatly decrease the likeness of said tadpole. That's enough to make any momma smile. :)

I'm going back to bed........

Monday, October 8, 2007

YES, it's true

So, for those of you who have checked this and/or not yet heard, it is true. Cassie is to be a big sister come June. We are thrilled and look forward to all of the challenges associated with being pregnant, having a 1-1/2 year-old and being a part-time mother of 3 more (the 3 kids that I now keep for daycare). VERY IMPORTANT: IF YOU KNOW MY PARENTS OR ANYONE THAT KNOWS MY PARENTS, PLEASE KEEP THIS NEWS QUIET...THEY WON'T KNOW UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT OR SATURDAY, SO PLEASE JUST DON'T TELL ANYONE IN THE FAMILY OR BACK HOME IN WICHITA. That would be greatly appreciated.

Anyhoo, I went to the doctor this morning. I am due around June 17th-ish. This will make for an interesting May--remember my sister graduating and all that? We were careful during that month, but uh...well...obviously that didn't last too long. We decided that God's plan was the best plan (imagine that) and that we would just allow Him to lead us and give us a baby when he is ready. So, Lord willing, baby V #2 will be arriving next summer.

Cassie comes up to my belly and kisses it and lays her head on it. She doesn't have ANY clue what's in store for her future, but I really think that the daycare stuff will help.

SO, I now ask your continued prayers during this pregnancy...some of you girls owe some preggo prayers... :) Just teasing. I know a lot of you prayed for us during my last pregnancy. I ask that you pray for a smooth pregnancy...especially 1st trimester that I don't feel too crummy. I ask that you pray for our family as we journey into the realm of becoming a family of 4.

That's my news for now...I'll keep you updated.

Tired as can be.

I'm feeling really tired today. HOWEVER, I am so, so excited to go to Silver Dollar City this weekend for Church of Christ weekend! YAY! Anyone else going this weekend? If so, we should meet up. There is just 1 bummer. Two years ago, I couldn't ride the good rides because I was pregnant with Cassie. LAST year, I couldn't ride the Powderkeg roller coaster because it was closed for maintenance. Looks like this is year #3 without the adrenalin (sp?) rushes...

[EDIT] For those of you who know my family...this is still TOP SECRET! They won't know until this weekend in Branson. That is...if you've figured it out by now. If not...look on the right bar of my blog...that should give you a hint. :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Home Home Home!

Well, we're home. We had a great time, but I sure did miss my little princess! It was awesome to have time with just Mark and me and noone else. We got to talk un-interrupted. We got to eat un-interrupted. We got to be...well...un-interrupted. It was enjoyable. However, even though we got home at 11:30 p.m., I got several smooches in on my baby girl before going to bed myself. I just couldn't help it!

The concert was great. Mark really, really enjoyed it and I was so glad that I got to share that experience with him. He did, however, wish that it was louder. Oh, brother!

We did take some pictures...mostly sunset skyline pictures. I'll upload them when I've got the chance. For now, however, I'm going to go get some more laundry going.