Monday, May 25, 2009

So Long For Now

Our internet is not working and I'm not sure for how long. We might just can it all together seeing as how we're unemployed and all of that. We need's just hard. We're really trying to get in the Dave Ramsey mindset of Live like noone else so that you can LIVE like noone else (in the future). I'll let you know when I'm back...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Play Group

We have been involved in a great playgroup once a week. This week it was at our house. Cassie received a digital camera for her birthday and this is HER perspective of the playgroup on Monday.

Lexi's Head
Rachel in the walker

Miss Andrea, Lincoln, and Mommy's leg

Part of the gang
The kiddos waiting for their Mac 'N Cheese
Addison playing in Cassie's Room
Miss Donna in blur
Random pic of Mommy's legs. I couldn't help but put this pic. It was such a self-esteem booster that I NEED right now! :)
Cassie's feet with Conrey's chubby body.
Clark in mid-fall. Great action shot!

The playgroup has been a huge blessing allowing the kids to play with other kids and Mommy to talk with other mommies. Thanks, girls!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mini Update

Conrey is crawling. Cassie is turning 3 Sunday. Mark has been doing lots of side work. Company is coming this weekend for Cassie's birthday. I think that's about all I know. Sorry this was lame. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

For those of you who haven't already "heard" via facebook, Mark got laid off this morning. I suddenly feel a new sense of community with the thousands of other people being laid off right now. God will provide, I know that full well. It is just the unknown that is scary. Thanks in advance for the prayers and encouragement. If anyone has any electrical work to do and the money with which to do it, now would be a GREAT time to get some work done!!! :)

It certainly helps to have the living versions of the cute kids to the right of this post to look at, be thankful for, and make me smile. Thank you Lord, for your great understanding, wisdom, and providence.

Monday, May 4, 2009 promised


SO...I am going to retract several of my statements from my last post. First of all, after saying that we've all been sick with the head stuff a bunch, I got the head stuff that very weekend and then last Friday was sick with some stomach stuff. UGH. I had said that we hadn't had the stomach bugs and I was glad. Then, I got it. Thanks.

Secondly, Mark is most definitely NOT busy right now with work. In fact, they told him not to come to work today. Rough. We're hoping and praying that it either picks up or one of his other inquiries pans out. We all know how tough it is right now in the job market...especially in construction. SO, we're praying hard for guidance and light in this situation.

As far as Cassie is concerned, either she is really smart and has started secretly reading my blog or God just thinks things like this are funny, but she's been quite the model for my paragraph about her. First, she has been pushing the limits like NONE OTHER in the past week or 2. She has been down right defiant a few times and it really bothers me. Secondly, I said that she has been saying "actually" about 5 times a day. The very day that I wrote that, she bumped it up to about 50. I think she already thinks that I'm an idiot and wants to tell me how it "actually" is. She is not disrespectful with it...just annoying. :)

Conrey is still not crawling, per se. He doesn't army crawl either. He pulls himself along by his forearms, yes, but it is both forearms at once from side to side and then his back half kind of caterpiller jumps forward. It is quite amusing to watch. He is much faster than most traditional crawlers and doesn't appear to have any reason or desire to learn to crawl.

As for me, I'm staring down the barrel of my 10-year reunion. Yes, that's right...10 years. This weekend is our reunion and I just cannot figure out where that time went, yet at the same time, it seems as though high school is a distant, foggy memory. I guess you only keep a memory of the things you treasure...or at least like a little bit. :) I wasn't a fan of high school. I hope we'll have a good time, though.

Well, there you go. There's another exciting update. I will get new pics on here soon...PROMISE!