Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy Beavers!

Well, all...I'm busy. REALLY, REALLY busy! Between child training (potty, life skills, name it, we're training it! We're doing Love and Logic, but more on that later), utility cancelling, transfering, registering, to organizing, room planning, etc. The list just goes on and on with the things that are going on with us. We have gotten permission to shampoo the carpets prior to closing so that we can just MOVE RIGHT IN on Wednesday evening! YAHOO! We're rather excited.

Notice, however, that the first thing on my list was child training. Need I explain what happens to a 2-year-old and even a 7-month-old when they go to live at Grannie and Grandpa's house for 3-1/2 months? UGH! It is not pretty. My children...are not pretty. They have become spoiled, self-indulgent, sometimes unpleasant children and we are not enjoying that aspect of it one bit. Cassie has been so spoiled that we are having to take about 10 steps backward to retrain her how we want her to behave. Conrey has been a huge headache in that Mom and Dad both freak out if he cries for like 2 minutes, so they run to his rescue. All he wants is to be held and to be held NOW! Ugh. So, we've already begun the process of retraining. It's gonna be a long one. We're doing Love and Logic which has it's good points and bad points. I won't go into that all now, but for the most part, I am liking the system. I'm just not incorporating the things that I don't agree with. :) As for potty training...yup...we're still training. Why? Because of the spoiling and the craziness of life. I fully expect her to be 100% trained within like 1-2 weeks of us living in our own home. The bonus? Most of our home does not have carpet. Easier clean up for momma with those accidents! YAY!

We did our closing work last Friday...our buyers do theirs tomorrow. Our bank account should have a nice little increase for the time being. This means a new table and chairs and dresser for us! WOO HOO! We will close on the new house on Wednesday...Lord willing. We are still waiting on 1 item to come in the mail...Mark's W-2 from Home Depot.

Well, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. I'll *try* to update again soon, but we won't have internet at the beginning at our new house, so bear with me.

Oh, and I won an award. More about that SOON! :) Thanks MD!


Meshellyn said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you guys! I wish I'd have been able to get over to see you a couple of weeks back, but the craziness of our week overtook my schedule. I can't wait to see photos of the new house and hear more about life in general. Good luck getting it all done!

Rebekah said...

I love LOVE & LOGIC!!! I use it all the time at work with children and adults! When we lived in Wichita we (Matt & I) went to the teaching conference that Love & Logic puts on every year. I really would like to go to their parenting conference in Colorado Springs!

YEAH on the house and new furniture!!!!

Anonymous said...

Leave us hanging why don't you Devon! Award for what? I'll call my sister... ;^)

Congrats on the houses.

I too like Love and Logic. I haven't been able to take a formal training, but have read books and seen tapes. My adoption agency recommends it. Some of the techniques have worked in my classroom... :)

Maybe we'll see you over Spring Break. (In your new house maybe?)

Holly said...

Goodness you ARE busy beavers! So exciting though. Can't wait to see pics of your new home! And I plan to call you soon. It's been a bit crazy here too. Patrick's been sick, Addison got 6th month shots, and I'm just plumb exhausted! But we're making it! Miss ya & can't wait to chat.