Monday, April 13, 2009


This is our old preacher, David Young. It's a pretty amazing story!

“I went running on the greenway (off Thompson Lane) about 12 o’clock, ran a couple of miles. When it started lightning real hard and hailing, I went back toward the house. I got about behind Goff’s Barbecue, the hail was coming down pretty hard, and I got down near the river behind the bushes to keep the hail from hitting me. I hard the train coming. I said this is a tornado and I’m out here in it.

I wrapped my arms around a tree and curled up. About three or four seconds after that, I looked up and the tornado was right above me. I was in the tornado and trees were falling and flying through the air. There was debris, a building flew over my head. My legs went out from under me and my legs flapped in the wind like a flag.

The eye settled on me a couple of seconds and I settled back down on the ground.

When the back wall of the tornado hit me, it knocked at least two trees on me, they caught all the debris ... and probably saved my life.

Within 15 or 20 seconds it was gone. I managed to crawl and hobble up on the parking lot where Design landscape parking lot is. I was hobbling along and I must have looked worse than I thought. Two guys put me in the back of the pickup truck and took me to the emergency room. I suffered a concussion and a beat-up leg. Other than that, I’m all right.

Man, I looked up and I was in the middle of that tornado. I was thinking I’m gonna get to be on Oprah. Honestly, I wasn’t scared. Really what I was thinking, I was hoping nobody was one the greenway. When I got up, it looked like a nuclear bomb had gone off. That tree I was holding onto was the only thing standing. That tree and I were the only thing left. Everything else was wiped out ...

While I was holding on to the tree I had a two-hour conversation with God in 15 seconds.”


Bek said...

Wow, that's incredible! That's such an amazing story! Thanks for posting it!

Harrold Family said...

That is amazing and total God protecting him. Thanks for sharing.