Friday, May 22, 2009

Play Group

We have been involved in a great playgroup once a week. This week it was at our house. Cassie received a digital camera for her birthday and this is HER perspective of the playgroup on Monday.

Lexi's Head
Rachel in the walker

Miss Andrea, Lincoln, and Mommy's leg

Part of the gang
The kiddos waiting for their Mac 'N Cheese
Addison playing in Cassie's Room
Miss Donna in blur
Random pic of Mommy's legs. I couldn't help but put this pic. It was such a self-esteem booster that I NEED right now! :)
Cassie's feet with Conrey's chubby body.
Clark in mid-fall. Great action shot!

The playgroup has been a huge blessing allowing the kids to play with other kids and Mommy to talk with other mommies. Thanks, girls!

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