Monday, July 20, 2009

An update long overdue

Sorry, folks. After the frenzy of posts about the job stuff both on here and facebook, I sorta left you all hanging. :)

Mark worked all last week at his new job and started week #2 today. There are pluses and minuses to the gig, as always.

PLUSSES: Two s's or one? I couldn't decide. I think 1. Anyway, he HAS a job. That definitely counts. He is working a commercial job, so he gets that much-needed experience. He gets off at 2:30 p.m.

MINUSES: As you may have guessed from the above, he starts really early...6 a.m. Not too bad, except for when you consider the fact that he works about 40 minutes away from our house. SO, that has been the biggest minus...the distance. He is also working back on a crew in the blue collar world AKA foul-mouth, smokers, and drinkers world. One guy was all excited that the day was almost over so that he could go kick it with his "hot chick" and smoke weed. Niiiiice. Mark has to be around people using very vulgar and cussy language all the time and it gets old, you know? He is working in very hot conditions as well, so that is tough when he's not used to being on his feet all day on the concrete and didn't acclimate to the heat as usual this year.

BUT, did I mention how great our God has been to give him a job?!? We are truly thankful and we graciously take the bad with the good because of our thankfulness. He gets to spend a lot of great time with me and the kids and we are working on becoming a stronger family and a stronger couple as a result.

So, that's my update. Thank you again to all of you for your prayers on our behalf. You truly have been our strength in so many ways.

On a different note, I have a very exciting week ahead of me. Tomorrow, I have a playdate with a friend before I watch her child while she goes for an appointment. Then, I have my Beth Moore Bible Study tomorrow night (Esther study---sooooo good). Wed, I'm going to the Tanganyika Wildlife park with a friend and her kids ( Then, church, of course. Thursday, we have our playgroup/birthday party. Friday, piano lessons and winding down from all of the fun?

Then, Saturday, is 2 events that I am super excited about. I have been looking forward to one of the events for like a year and a half. The other, for a very long time, as well. I'll start with the simpler of the 2 to explain...the one mentioned second above. We are going on a double date with our friends to dinner and then to see Harry Potter. It has been killing me, but this was the first opportunity for both couples to see it. I am so, so excited. If you haven't heard the story, our very first date EVER was to opening night of the very first HP. Mark had NO CLUE what it was all about, but went along with it because of me. He enjoyed it and we've typically gone on opening night, but this such luck.

The other event, however, is much more monumental and I am thrilled and honored to be able to participate. In KC, I had a very close friend, Holly. A lot of people didn't really realize how close we were, because we didn't hang out as couples really and it was a very intimate friendship in the fact that we were each others' prayer warriors and would email/IM throughout the day to check on each other, etc. We were sort of accountability partners in some ways. Anyway, we were really close and she has been a huge support to me throughout many tough times.

You may remember me asking for prayers about a year ago this time for Holly and here is why:

Rewind to a little over a year and a half ago. She told me that she was pregnant after a loooong awaited pregnancy whilest her husband completed dentist and then ortho school. I was so thrilled to share in the news and was further excited when she found out it was a girl. They planned to move to TX for an ortho practice and I was saddened by that, but knew that I would still see them, email, etc. forward from there to about a year ago right now. They were preparing to move all of their stuff to TX and then come back for a farewell party, etc. The day that they got there, long story short, Holly had to have an emergency C-Section at, I believe 27-1/2 that right, Holly? Anyway, WAY too early. Miss Addison was 2 lbs 11 oz and the teeniest thing I've ever seen...through pictures.

The point of this all is that Addison will turn 1 on Saturday. I have not seen my dear friend in over a year and have obviously not met this little miracle that we prayed our very hearts out for. I am so excited for both: To see Holly after so long and to meet Miss Addison for the very first time. Every time I read Holly's blog, I tear up thinking about their long journey and the fact that I could not carry part of her burden for her. They made it through 80 days of watching their baby struggle and fight before bringing her home on house arrest to make it through cold and flu season. What a joyous 1st birthday this will be!

So, that is what I have going on right now. Busy, busy, busy!

What do YOU have going on this week?


Devion said...

Sorry for that long tangent and story recap, but I am just so excited!!! Can you tell? I have just been overwhelmed with God's goodness throughout the past year in so many ways, and Miss Addison is the shining example!

Kelly T said...

Whew! What a week! So will you be in KC on Saturday, or is Holly going to be here?

Devion said...

You better believe that I'm going to be here!!! :) HARRY POTTER! :) Actually, the party is in Hutchinson, so I will go there for the earlier part of the day. Were you worried?!? :)

Holly said...

Oh Devon, how I love & value your friendship. Thank you so much for posting this and it brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart. You are such a great friend and don't think for one second that you didn't help carry our burden over the past year, because you DID. I KNOW that you prayed for us fervently and that was a HUGE weight off of our shoulders. I can't wait to see you this weekend and even more so, I can't wait to introduce you to our little blessing!! Thank you, dear friend, for just being there!! I am SOOO glad that Mark has a job and I will be praying for those "minuses" too. I know you are thankful for the pluses and take the good with the bad, but I will pray that Mark is able to adjust to those things too!! See you SOON!!

Meshellyn said...

Ok, it's time for another long overdue update please :)