Friday, November 12, 2010

Home is where the HEART is

thank goodness it is. we are home. put that home in quotes. the function key and the shift are not working on my phone for some reason. the only way that this is home is the fact that our family is now complete and reunited. it is cold and we have 6 inches of snow. i am slowly trying to find places for everything. 2400 square feet of furniture. storage containers. toys. and stuff does not very well fit into 1500 square feet. it is going to be a process for sure. we are here though. we do not yet have internet and i am not sure when we will get it. just wanted everyone to know that we are alive and kickin up here in snowy nebraska. i will update more when my keys work better.


Holly said...

Devon! You have been on my heart and mind a lot this week!! I know that NE doesn't feel like home and probably wont for a while, but I am so so glad that you made it there safe and sound, that your sweet family of 5 is together once again and that you are starting this new adventure together finally! I pray that this adjustment period is quick and as easy as possible :). I pray for you and think about you OFTEN!! Can't believe you've had snow, too!! Its a crazy 75 degrees here in Texas. This is my 3rd fall in TX and I'm still not used to the warmer temps. I'm not complaining, but I do miss good ole Kansas falls!! Anyways, thinking of you and glad you are IN Nebraska!!

BEK said...

So glad you are all together!