Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mystery, not murder...

Sorry for those of you who aren't from church...this is kind of a "business" post. :)

So, I have a great idea for an outreach between LINKS get-together. I was thinking maybe with the empty nesters. Here's the idea: A Mystery Dinner. As my title says, no, not a murder mystery...just mystery. Let me tell you the gist/jist (however you spell that word) of it and you all tell me what you think.

First, we decide on a theme and menu. For instance, when I did it in high school, it was at St. Patrick's day time, so we had everything decorated in green and our "mystery" clues (explained below) were irish-themed.

Basically, you take each thing on your menu from the main course, the forks, spoons, etc., bread, butter, dessert, you name it...if they use it during the meal (excluding plates...they're complimentary), :) then you give it a code name. When we did the Irish theme, carrot coins were gold coins. Our green beans were something about clovers. Anyway, the menu that your guests get, just have the code names on it. For each course, they pick 4-5 items (based on how many items vs. how many courses you want to have) and then they turn in their choices before the dinner begins. Each course, they get their picks and ONLY their picks. If they get sloppy joe meat with no bun...well...that's just the way it works. If they get their dessert, napkin, fork, and tea as the first be it! They always get water, but that and plates are the only "givens."

It is always quite the riot to see what combinations people will end up with. We did it where each table ordered all together so that they all got the same course each time. We had an older lady eating lasagna with her menu. Quite hilarious!

Anyway, I just think that this would be a great way for the Young Couples class to kind of bridge the gap with the class that is right next door that we never, ever do anything with OR with the teens...whatever people would be up for. Let me know what you girls think! I could give a sample menu if anyone doesn't get it. You know I'm not very precise while pregnant... :)


Holly said...

We did this with my Youth Group for Valentines Day one year!! They are so much fun! It is always HILLRIOUS to see the different things people get (or don't get for that matter!) I think its a great idea. Good thinking my friend!

Bek said...

We did this in my youth group too! It was a lot of fun! We really should do this! I think sometime in January would be good since it's a slow month for things...VERY good idea!