Monday, March 23, 2009

A Day At Home

So, last week found us very, very busy with many different tasks. We were gone more than we were home and I'm now VERY glad that today was designated as a stay-at-home day. It is SOOO windy outside and just yuck-o because of it. It's 35 MPH wind with much stronger gusts. I do not like it! :)

Here was our week last week:
Sunday: Church, a quick lunch, and then my baby sister's wedding shower. When I got home, I got myself and the kids revamped for evening church services. Mark was running errands and was going to get some stuff done at home that night. I get ready to load the kids only to find that my keys were locked in the van. NO CHURCH FOR US!!! He had the extra key with him.
Monday: Home day recouping from having company.
Tuesday: Bible Study, House Hunting with my bro and his fam, Zoo with every other person in the whole county
Wednesday: Breakfast with the kids, my mom, and my sister and then a SPA DAY with my sis. After all of that, dinner and church.
Thursday: First day of piano lessons with my 4 students that I will start teaching, a quick lunch, and then addressing my sister's wedding invites (calligraphy, which takes WAY longer). Once Mark was home, I got dinner going, folded laundry, hurt my wrist really badly (more on that later), went to my dad's office to get it x-rayed, came home, took some drugs, got the kids ready for bed, we watched our show (Hell's Kitchen), and went to bed myself.
Friday: Got as much done around here as I could with the hurt wrist and all.
Saturday: Got our new phones set up, activated, etc., did some errands, took the kids over to play in the backyard at my parents, etc., etc., etc. That night, Mark and I played Settlers of Catan after the kids were in bed. That is our fav game.

Anyway, it just seems like we didn't really stop much. So, today is a low-key, relax (as much as you can with the 2 kiddos), and get house stuff done that I neglected this weekend.

Sound fun? Anyone want to come over and keep me company whilest I procrastinate??? :)

I just wanted to give a shout-out to my friend, Meshellyn. She is currently at the hospital HOPEFULLY in labor, though I have no details, with her second baby. She was scheduled (well, she scheduled herself, actually...she is an Labor and Delivery nurse), to be induced today. I pray that all is going well...that the labor is brief...and that baby is healthy. Can't wait to find out who was in there all this time!!! :)

Well, that's my excitement for today.

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Chelf said...

I love Settlers!!! I even had a watch that was a hexagon just for the connection.

I like also to play the expansion set, Cities and Knights. Mostly for the frame that comes with it. I have decided to try to make a frame, so we don't constantly move the board pieces while we play.