Thursday, March 12, 2009


Just wanted to clarify...I didn't mean to sound condescending or superior or anything like that towards any woman who has A) not breastfed a child by choice, B) not had a child to breastfeed, C) not been able to breastfeed. I was just kind of trying to justify my irrational-sounding grief by saying don't CAN'T understand. I know that many of you understand on some level or another. I just hope I didn't offend anyone. Please just take it as a woman speaking from her grief and nothing more.

In other news: Conrey doesn't care one bit where his food is coming from. It hasn't affected him one, single bit. Help me out here, Chelf and/or anyone else...affected? effected? I think effected, now that I think about it. Chelf has schooled me on this once before is why I mentioned her. Anyway, Conrey Graham doesn't give a hoot if I've quit nursing or not. That makes it easier on me, for sure. Of course, I will say that I HATED having to get up at 6:30 this morning, make a bottle, etc. etc. Any suggestions on how to streamline that process so that he's screaming as little as possible? I mean, you can only make a bottle and heat it up so fast...

Anyway, the new day has brought a brighter outlook and we're on to bigger and better things, like dealing with a very sassy, very naughty, almost-3-year-old. Once again, I say, "ugh." :)


Laura said...

How about room temp water. Does he need it warm, warm? Just fill a bottle with water and mix your formula in when you're ready for it. Or if you can get him to drink it cold, you can prepair it before bed and keep it in the fridge. It's good in the fridge for 24hrs, I think.

Rebekah said...

Glad the day was better than you thought!

Meshellyn said...

I say fill your bottles ahead of time with water, room temp. Then just pour your scoops of formula in, shake it up, and go. So much easier to at least have the process started - you can do this for an entire day's worth of bottles, grab and go.

Hope the transition is easy enough on you, and I don't think you sounded superior. It's an emotional process to go through whenever you do it.

I was just thinking this morning how Cassie is almost three - my goodness!

jeremy said...

Sorry, I can't help ya on most of your post.

However, effect is usually a noun, as in "the effect was very small". Affect is usually a verb, as in "she affected the process very little".

Hope you guys are doing well, and hope I catch ya next time you're up this way!

Chelf said...

I think effect is what you were going for. :-) My grammar Nazi self has been in hiding for a time. (My excuse is that I am moving!) Conrey is being effected by a circumstance. I still like his name. Interesting.

I still read in my silences. Love reading your adventures!