Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just a random update

Well, we're at week 2.5 on the weekend husband/daddy schedule. We're doing pretty well. It is not ideal, but it IS a job. Actually, Mark has an interview with AT&T this Wed for a Field Tech position. We'll see how that goes.

The kids are doing well. We are having a somewhat tragic (for Mommy) transition. Cassie is phasing out of napping. She just doesn't need it. If she does nap in the afternoon, I have a lot of trouble getting her to bed at night. I haven't decided yet which is the pro and which is the nap and early bed (with no down-time for Mommy) or nap with late, late bed (with Mommy's freedom time). We're instating PPT for her to have her personal play time and me to have some personal quiet time! :)

Conrey cracks me up more and more every day. I think that I mentioned his animal sounds. The other day, I said, "Conrey, what does an elephant say?" That is his favorite, so he promptly blew his little trunk noise. Then, he looked over at me with a very bored expression on his face and said, "Baa. Boo." Boo his his "Moo." It was like he was saying, "Yeah, yeah...I know what you want. Here you go..." Too funny. He and I have full conversations these days. They aren't always in words...we do some sign language, he follows direct commands, and he is really innovative at communicating in other ways. This morning, my sister was gathering her stuff to leave (she spent the night last night). She said, "Did I get everything? I think so." I notice him get down off of the couch and race back to my room, but I didn't think anything of it. He came running back carrying her phone and ran up to her and held it up for her to get. He heard her ask, remembered that he had seen it back there, and quickly retrieved it so that she wouldn't leave without it. I'm sorry, but what a SMART BOY!

My kids amaze me continually.

Oh, another thing...Cassie went to the eye doctor for the first time this morning. I guess our genes gave no option, but near-sightedness. She is already near-sighted at 20/40. The dr said that within 1-2 years, she will need glasses. It makes me sad that, as humans, we have no control over our children's bodies. I wish that she didn't have this condition. I know that it isn't tragic, but it will be an annoyance to her for the rest of her life. I know that I am annoyed by my lack of vision when I wake up in the night and when it's raining and the likes. I do, however, think that she will be adorable in little glasses. We'll just wait and see what happens in the future. I know that God made her perfect and in His image, and that is all I can ask for.

Well, my mister is awake and crying in his crib, so I guess I'd best go get him and get to frosting cupcakes with Cassie. Later, gators!


Meshellyn said...

Such a smart boy! Definitely don't apologize! And to lose naptime, ugh... I can tell that there are big changes in store for us too sooner than later. We haven't been able to get Em down for a nap until mid afternoon lately, and then she sleeps until 4:30 or 5:00. No wonder the kid didn't go to bed until 10:30 last night. I've got to come up with a solution soon, I want my evenings back and Mommy/Daddy time! How are you enforcing your PPT?

What exactly is the weekend schedule... is he driving up here to work all week?

Laura said...

I think Cassie will be ADORABLE in glasses!!! I know you don't want your little one to have poor vision but, HOW CUTE!
I thought Ethan was going to need glasses last year cause he was squinting all the time but it was just a twitch. I thought he would have been so cute in them... I was almost dissapointed. Almost.

Take care guys. Sounds like you're hanging in there. Love you all.