Saturday, November 7, 2009

AMAZING opportunity that is PERFECT for YOU

Hey, everyone!  I am super excited and I want to share it ASAP with each of you.  I have signed onboard with a company that is flying into the next decade with excitement, speed, and TRAVEL!  I'm talking about TVI.  It is the new venture that I mentioned in my post a few back.  It is all about travel...the trillion dollar industry that let's us see the WORLD!  I am so excited because of the benefits of TVI and the fact that you put a little in to start and you get a whole lot out of it as a reward.  What is the "work" involved?  Talking to friends and travelling.  Seriously.  I'm not selling a product.  I'm not talking to strangers.  I'm not calling random people.  I'm talking to YOU, my friends and family, and the only thing I'm selling is FREE TRAVEL and money in exchange for you talking to your friends and families. 

I have an awesome video that I'll link to here so that you can see the information for yourself.  It is simply a $300 investment to start with the company and, in return, you get a free week of travel to anywhere you want to go.  It is SO worth the $300, as you're getting so much more than that in return!

What is the company paying for?  Word-of-mouth advertising.  They want me to promote the business to you, you to promote the business to your cousin, and your cousin to promote the business to her aunt.  If that chain continues on and on, they grow and the money that they would have used on advertising goes into the pocket of their word-of-mouthers! 

I'm sure you're thinking exactly what I thought: "Where's the catch?"  Seriously...there isn't one.  You all know me and you know that I'm a straight-shooting, Christian woman.  I wanted to fully check it out before I proposed the idea to ANYONE.  There is a company that evaluates home-based businesses.  They call this one a scam, this one not-workable, this one possible with hard work, etc.  You and I both know that there are THOUSANDS of home-based businesses out there...specifically internet-based.  Here's what is encouraging to me.  TVI was given a FIVE STAR rating by this company.  It is one of only TWO...that's right TWO five-star ratings that they have EVER given and this company earned one.  Not because they get your money and leave you hanging.  Not because they get you all amped and in the program and then let you drift aimlessly.  Not because it is a get-rich-quick scheme (though you can and most likely WILL make money very quickly).  They earned the rating because it is a business model that makes sense both for me, the promoter, and the company itself.  I'm not joking, people, they have given away YACHTS for incentives for the highly motivated. When you reach a certain point, you pick a BMW, Mercedes, or Audi and those goals are NOT sky-high and impossible.  They  are very, VERY possible.

OK...I'm getting waaaaaaay ahead of myself.   Here's what I'd like you to do if you're even the tiniest bit interested.  Go to this link: and watch the video.  It is 13 or so minutes long, but it might be the most important 13 minutes of your year.  If your interest is peaked, I would suggest watching it again...or at least the business model part, as it can be confusing on first glance.  I fully grasp the concept now, but it took 2 times watching and one personal explanation because I'm not business-minded.  THEN, if you're interested in learning more and/or signing up, shoot me and email or give me a call.  If you don't know my email/phone number, shoot me a message and I'll get it to you.  What I would ask, though, is that you talk to me before filling out any forms on this site.  I want you to make sure that you KNOW what is going on.  That you KNOW what you're signing up for.  Also, I need you to talk to me first so that you're put on my team when we do get you signed up.  Other than that, it's just a matter of talking to people and then watching your checks start coming in!

So, watch the vid and then I'll be waiting to hear from you!

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worth a read, this is a good example of this type of business model