Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PRAYERS FOR MY S-I-L and little "sis"

Hey, everyone.  My sister-in-law, Laura...Dustin's wife, is pregnant at somewhere around 18 weeks.  She has had a bad case of the flu and they are assuming it is H1N1.  I don't know if they've run a test or are planning to, but this is the word I've got...most likely H1N1.  Because it is super dangerous for pregnant women to have it, as it depletes the immune system and usually causes them to get other things like pneumonia, they are pretreating her for pneumonia.  The pneumonia is what is super dangerous and life-threatening once the system is depressed and the pneumonia attacks.  SO, it is a very dangerous situation and we are asking for prayers that she regain her health quickly and that she and the baby are both alright despite the medications, fevers, etc.

Now, my sister's best friend, Bri, who has always been my other little sis, has had a very tough start to her week.  Sunday night, her aunt unexpectedly passed away.  If you've been a follower of my blog since it started, this might sound familiar.  About 2-2.5 years ago, her uncle died very suddenly.  They have both been linked to a seizure disorder.  It came about very unexpectedly both times and has been so difficult for them all.  They were the 2 youngest children in the family...though they were adults.  She has 3, teenaged children that she has left behind.  Please pray for the entire family as they deal with another sudden loss and for those kids as they go through possibly the toughest stage of life while dealing with this loss.

Thanks guys.  I'm praying for both of you, if you read this.

On a different note, Mark's painting opportunities in KC have come to an end.  He is coming home today.  We'll see what tomorrow holds......


Laura said...

Hey Devon. I asked Dustin to let your dad know I was sick after he had called to wish me happy birthday. The info that got passed on wasn't exactly right. I have all the H1N1 symptoms and symptoms of pneumonia but they only test for H1N1 if you're admitted to the hospital and the way to cofirm PNE is a chest XRAY which we cant do D/T baby. So I'm on several meds (cost $125 with insurance!) and am not supposed to return to work for a week. No fun. I'm feeling a bit better today. Enough that I got up to clean the house a bit.
They OB canceled my ultrasound and appt so I wouldn't expose others. :-( I'm supposed to make an appointment when I "feel better" and I need a realease to return to work. I'm hoping for Thursday... although it's only 4 days into treatment.
I still have a horrid productive cough that kills my chest, fatigue, headache/body aches, and stuffy/runny nose and painful ears, but the fever and sore throat seem to be gone for good. The respritory symptoms have always been the worst of it.
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I don't like haveing to slow down like this. :-)
Talk to you later.

Laura said...

Oh also I'm 22 weeks pregnant.