Thursday, December 9, 2010


How do I begin to update what has happened over the past month and what is ahead of us? 

Well, let me start by saying that all is well with our family. 

Mark is enjoying his job and is really learning the ropes.  He goes to railroad school for 2 weeks in January.

I am exhausted.  Utterly and truly exhausted, but I am maintaining and have found that things aren't really much different with 3 kids.  The two big kids entertain each other so well. My hardest thing is getting everything that I need for all 3 kids and myself whenever we leave the house.  Coat, Coat, Coat, Blanket.  Hat, hat, hat.  Gloves, gloves, gloves.  Diapers, Diapers.  Wipes.  Nursing Shawl.  Burp Rags.  Snacks.  Stuff to keep the big kids entertained.  I need to add baby toys to my list, because Keaton has been restless at church already.  I just need something for him to look at.  Anyway, I'm learning and forgetting stuff a lot less frequently.

Cassie is amazing.  She is learning to sound words out.  The other day, she sounded out the word 'butterfly.'  The only thing that I had to add to it was the extra 't.'  She is such a great helper and loves to do things to help her brothers, which is a bonus for me.  She gets her and Conrey's toothbrushes ready every time and they brush until Mark or I come in to really brush their teeth.  So cute!

Conrey is amazing, as well.  His speech has exploded.  Those of you who were around him a lot in Wichita will not believe how much and how well he talks now.  He, also, is sounding things out, though not very well.  He just likes to be like sister.  He loves to help baby brother and is my little gopher going to get anything that I need such as diapers, burp rags, my phone...whatever.   He is so loving and caring.

Keaton guessed it...amazing in his own little way.  God blessed me beyond belief with a laid back, sweet, and good natured baby.  He never cries unless he is starving to death or has woken up in his carseat.  He then thinks that he needs to get out.  Imagine that!  I will say, though, that he is the STINKIEST baby EVER!  He has some gassy issues that we're trying to figure out.  If you have any suggestions beyond gas drops, be sure to pass them along!!!  He is so sweet and smiles a lot. As he has gotten fatter and fatter, he has developed a dimple on one cheek that is precious and I LOVE to see it! He has...honest to goodness...been mimicking me saying "hi."  I have 6 witnesses now...well, 8 if you count Cassie and Conrey, but they aren't always reliable sources.  :)

I guess that's about it with our little family of 5.  Our house is coming together slowly, but surely.  There is a much newer house that is $150 cheaper per month on the other end of town.  We might go look at it.  We do NOT want to move again, but 150 a month for a newer house with the same amount of space might be totally worth it!  We would almost definitely save money on utilities, as well.  We'll see what the good Lord has in store for us.  Cassie told my m-i-l that she and Con share a room.  Then, she said, "Oh, and we have a rec room.  We call it that 'cuz it's always a wreck!"  I laughed until I cried!  That is where a lot of boxes and random things are at the moment.

For now, we're planning a time to go to the nearby "big" city to do some Christmas shopping.  It is an hour or so away and has a Walmart and Target.  The thought of going to Target is almost overwhelmingly thrilling.  I miss it soooo much!

I will leave you with a recent conversation between the kids and me.  Cracked me up.

Cassie, whispering to Conrey: Let's ask mommy if we can go to the zoo today! (we had 6 in of snow, btw)

Me, whispering back: There IS no zoo.

Cassie: You heard me?  I nodded.  There is no ZOO?  I shook my head.  How about the donut shop.

Me: No donut shop.  Both of their little mouths fell open.

Conrey: Chuck E Cheese, even???

Me: Nope.

Cassie: What IS there to do here FUN?

Me: Not much, my sweet girl.  Wait until warm weather and then there will be more to do........

I think that they are scarred for life!


BEK said...

So glad things are well for you all. Hope you experience an early spring so your kiddos don't get the cabin fever too bad :)

Kelly T said...

That last conversation makes me chuckle and breaks my heart at the same time. It also leaves me wondering: if there's no donut shop, what ARE you going to do for lunch? :)

Donna said...

I am glad all is well. Good luck with the potential new house and enjoy going to the "big city" :). You might try gripe water (not sure of the spelling). The Pearman's got it for Zane and it has seemed to really helped him.