Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't faint

I know, I know...2 posts so close together...what in the world?!?  :)  I just felt like getting some stuff off my chest, so I thought, "Where better than my blog?"

Most of you have been in my shoes with one or more of these situations:
**Waiting to find out about a big life change
**Potty Training
**Sick while trying to keep a household running
**Wishing I was somewhere else
**Struggling to balance husband, children, baby, home
**Struggling to not worry about things
**Wondering if one of the 3 showings on the house here in Alliance are going to buy and if so, what that means for us

There are just times when it all seems to stack up and pull you down.  That is where I'm at tonight.  I am trying my absolute best to let it all go.  I just want to shed the worry, the anxiety, the expectations.  I want to throw it all heavenward and wash my hands of it.  I can do that a lot of the time.  I can do that when the day is busy and I'm on my feet running after 2 kids and nurturing 3.  I can do it when I'm focused on my sweet family.  When I have a quiet moment (which doesn't happen often), it all floods in and I must fight it back. 

I KNOW that my future is already planned out.  I KNOW that I needn't worry a single bit about things.  I KNOW that all things work together for the good of those who love my Lord.  I KNOW that worrying won't help anything even a tiny bit.

So, tonight, I am unclasping the chains that hold these things to me.  I am holding them in my hands and praying over them.  I am THROWING them heavenward.  I am not taking them back.  They are yours, Lord.  They are yours to watch over and keep.  I pray for peace and daily bread.  That is all I need.

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Donna said...

Keep your head up. Praying for you.