Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh. My. Lanta. (Part 3)

I met with my surgeon who quickly accessed that it wasn't related to the fact that my gb had been removed.  He believed it to be intestinal in nature.  I screamed in his office.  I screamed in x-ray.  For 4 days, I screamed, cried, and begged for help.  They gave me Dilaudid, a drug stronger than morphine.  It dulled the pain slightly, but didn't take it away and I still cried.  They diagnosed me with constipation, much to my disagreement.  This part is a bit graphic, but necessary.  On Sunday, they did 3 enemas, 2 suppositories, and I drank 2 doses of MiraLax.  We worried that perhaps I was having a repeat of the condition that nearly took my life at 4 months of age (intucception). 

Standing up, rocking back and forth, helped marginally, but enough that I wanted to stay on my feet at all times.  I was already weak from surgery and lack of adequate food intake, but I needed to be up.  It was a catch 22, as they say.  I needed to stand, but I just couldn't for long periods of time.

FINALLY...much to my great relief...he decided to go back in on Tuesday to scope.  I was seriously screaming day and night from Friday afternoon until Tuesday when I went under anesthesia.  My poor hospital neighbors.

I again wake up to the normal hospital routines and am told that I have a JP drain coming out of my abdomen.  My intestines had adheased to the bottom of my liver and my abdomen was filled with bile.  Every time the intestines tried to function, it would tug the liver.  Remember the enemas, etc?  Yeah, they were forcing my bowels to TRY to function over and over and over, but they couldn't because they were stuck.  The injury to the liver was leaking bile into my abdominal cavity as was my cytic duct that once connected my gb to my stomach-ish area.

A lady came in and said, "I just got off of the phone with your insurance and got pre-approval for the ambulance."  I was still groggy and very confused as to why I would need an ambulance when I was clearly in a hospital.  Long part of the story short, I was transferred to a larger city 2 1/2 hours away (where I currently sit writing this) to have a stent put in that would allow the leaking duct to shut off.  It went off without a hitch.  I was told no NSAIDs (ibuprofen-type drugs) and was sent on my way back to my home hospital.

The next day I went home and thought all was well...except for those stinkin' gas pains!  I had now been inflated with CO2 3 times and let me TELL ya!  It was NOT fun!

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