Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I would like to take this opportunity to ask August, September, and the first half of October where they went?!?  WOW things have passed me by in a whirlwind of activity, growth, experiences, and well...LIFE!  I seriously had to go back to figure out what I had last written about and when it was.  July?!?  OOPS!  I hope that many of you have been keeping up on Facebook.  Having the app on my phone makes it easy to update that.  We haven't had internet since leaving Alliance, though...hence my absence here.  Ok, ok...I *had* internet on my phone, but COME ON!  Who can do more than a few sentences on those touch keyboards.  So frustrating!  And, I felt like I was using dial-up back in the stone age.  SO slow!

Anyway, I now have...wait for it...a KINDERGARTENER who is reading, tying her own shoes (when she isn't too stubborn), and has HER FIRST LOOSE TOOTH!  What?!?  When did I get *this* old?  I am so proud of my girl.  She is doing so well in school!  The other day as we were leaving, her teacher told her good job.  I said, "Did you do a good job today, Cass?"  Her teacher kind of scoffed and said, "Does she ever *not* do a good job?"  She smiled at me and it made my heart so proud and full.  She is a little one who knows who she is and WHOSE she is and will tell you without hesitation that she is a true princess because she is the daughter of God the King.

Oh, Conrey, Conrey, Conrey...where does one even begin to tell about you?  You are the laughter of my days.   Conrey is my affectionate one.  You won't see him sitting near me without him playing with my hair, holding my hand, or with his arm around my shoulders.  He is protective of his momma, his sister, and his baby brother...unless HE is the one tackling his siblings.  :)  He is wise beyond his years and says the most funny things.  He told me that I couldn't eat cookie dough because I would get worms in my biscuits (our euphemism for butt)...yes, on FB I edited a bit.  He has the most tender heart and I only have to look at him with disapproval before he melts into tears and immediately apologizes.

Now onto the little handful.  KJV (the baby...not the Bible translation) is the biggest handful I have ever known.  He is ON everything and INTO everything.  He is joy and life and fulfillment.  We didn't know that we wanted a baby when I got pregnant with him, but our life would be so incomplete without the little stinker!  He is now walking full-time and already has a mind of his own.  Don't try telling that boy no...you'll get wailing like you took away his paci or something.  He is his own little man and don't you forget it!

Our lives are full and complete and so very blessed.  We thank God every day for the miracles...the gifts that He's given us.  We are unworthy and we screw up, but our main goal in life is to instill a deep love for God in those tender little hearts.  The verdict is a long time coming, but at the moment, it seems as though we're on solid ground.

Well, thanks for stopping by.  Now that I'm up and running with internet via the hotspot on my brand new iphone, I will be updating more often.  Have a blessed day!

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BEK said...

update much :) haha! I've updated from May to the current in the last weeks as Wyatt is sleeping (when I should really be sleeping too!). Love ya girl!