Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

I don't really have much to say, but felt like blogging random things.

As I said yesterday, we are disappointed about Mark being denied transfer.

BUT, we are looking forward to one very big "plus" of being here a while longer.  Getting out of DEBT!  That is our goal.  We are making our plan to start snowballing that debt right out of the atmosphere!  Once our house is off our backs, we should be able to put an extra $400-500/month towards our debt!  WOO-HOO!  How do we have a bunch of debt?  My student loans (which were for nothing) and Mark's business loan (which was a grave mistake).  Then, we have a small amount of cc debt because of the times that we were trying to make ends meet throughout Mark's business time and then unemployment.  We're very excited to get out from under it.

I also wanted to blog a bit about my Mr. Keaton.  His 4-mo appt is tomorrow, so I'll have more to say about his stats then.  For now, I just wanted to say that he is LOVING puffies.  I break them up and he goes to town!  Also, he is learning to sit alone.  So far, it is only for 7-8 seconds before he slumps forward, but he's on his way.  He plays with toys a lot and loves music.  He laughs really easily and talks quite a bit.  He is still so, so sweet.  He really is the joy and sunlight to all 4 of us.  He still hasn't gotten any teeth in, but we're working on it.  Cassie had 2 teeth by now, but Con didn't get his in until 5 months, so we'll see.  We've eaten some food, too, but it seems like we have rough nights if he eats food.  He just wants to eat every 2 hours throughout the night if he has food that day.  SO, we're holding off on that for awhile.  We'll try again when he's older.  I was only doing it because he gets so, so angry when we're all eating.  That's why we started the puffies.

Well, Keaton is mad at me for leaving him on his own too long for his liking, so I will end this.  Look tomorrow for our vital stats with Keaton and we'll catch on the flip side.

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