Thursday, February 24, 2011


What in the world has happened in the past 2 weeks?  I posted 2 weeks ago today and our lives have flipped, flopped, and cartwheeled away!

First of all, I got really, really sick.  It is quite possibly the sickest I have ever been in my married life.  I had high fevers, debilitating body aches, the worst shakes that I have EVER had, and upper respiratory junk including a bad cough.  Conrey caught it, but not nearly as badly, thank the Lord.  He only got the fevers and aches.  My poor boy.  :(

So, we are living in a rental house, as you all know.  Said rental house has been trying to be sold for about 10 years off and on with no success.  We noticed a huge increase in showings over the past month, much to our annoyance.  Showings are no fun, but when you've got a less-than-enthusiastic attitude towards them, they are a drag.  Anyway, we were getting nervous about all of these showings.  One lady looked at the house for 52 minutes.  People, this house is tiny!  How can you look at it for 52 minutes?  Well, apparently, you can, because she did...TWICE!  Once someone spent that much time in this house, we knew what that probably meant and we started looking for living space B.

A house was advertised in the paper Wednesday.  I've told you how quickly houses go here, so we looked at it and applied for it, though it is certainly  not somewhere I ever imagined myself living.  *ahem*  But, as I said, you gotta take what you can get here, so we applied.  We were told that we were one of at least 3 that were applying.  So, we get a call on Thursday saying that our house we're living in got a contract and we had about 45 days to vacate.  Yipee.....  Friday morning, we get a call saying that we have been selected to rent the new house!  YIPEE!  I was so, so, so sick, but got myself dressed and headed to sign the contracts, as Mark had to get to work.

So, we now are the proud renters of a house built in 1977 w/ every 70's finish you can imagine including paneling, green and orange shag carpet, and some lovely wood shingling INSIDE the house in the kitchen.  Weird.  There is also a bidet.  No dirty behinds in our house!  :)

There are some definite positives, though I like to mention the "lovlies" first.  :)  We have a 2-car garage that is ATTACHED, for one thing.  Major plus in the tundra up here.  ;)  Secondly, there is a ton more space.  We are very thankful for that.  Also, a fully fenced yard and we're no longer on a busy road.  So, we're thankful for how QUICKLY God answered prayers!

Saturday, we loaded up and headed back to do the final removal of our stuff in our non-selling house back home.  We got a U-Haul and brought it all up with us.  Then, yesterday, Mark and two of his friends unloaded all of that @ the new house and then did some other loads while they still had the uhaul.  They made a great dent in our stuff to move,  so that was good. 

So, things are a bit crazy around here, but when are they not?  We're thankful, thankful, thankful for the God's provisions this past week (and always, but we're talking about this week).

NOW, our house is back on the market as of Tues and we've already had 1 showing and have 1 more scheduled.  It's all yours, God.  Get 'er GONE!


TacoDave said...

I was going to buy your house, then I realized I'd live in Kansas again and changed my mind.

So sorry.

Anonymous said...

you said thankful 3 times lol just like your mom does but she is famous for busy busy busy. too funny the things we get from our parents.