Thursday, July 26, 2007

Great Responses

I have been getting positive feedback both in comments and several e-mails. That has really helped me improve my confidence and know that there are women out there that are hungry to discuss ways to make ourselves better wives, mothers, friends, etc. That is just so exciting to me, as I know that I certainly need help on this journey and I'm glad that not only will I be able to support you girls, but you'll be right there helping me back. That is great!

I was thinking order for this to be an effective resource, that I would welcome you all to e-mail/post questions, problems, scenerios, etc. that you would like us ladies to talk about. I want us to help each other with our issues, ladies. If you want to do it annonymously or with your name attached to doesn't matter to me. I've got plenty to talk about usually (I know, I know...that's not news to anyone), but I want to know what YOU'RE struggling with or what YOU need to talk about. Otherwise, I might babble about the same thing a bunch (I KNOW, I KNOW!!! Not news to any of you that I babble...SHEESH!). So, ask these ladies the questions that are burning in your mind. I'm not claiming that I'm an expert who will have ANY siree...I just am sure that if we pool our resources, we can help each other out.

Tracy--feel free to let Ben read small portions of this...I'll trust you to use your judgement on what is appropriate for him to read.

Let's keep this ball rollin', ladies!!!

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