Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just to clarify...this is a new blog...AND, for the brothers with NOT be getting invites...I think they'll understand....My old blog that is not restricted is I will still be using it, as well, so check it occasionally!

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Bek said...

So I just went through and read your WHOLE blog. I am so glad you made this Devon! You went out of the box to talk about the things that most of us try to sweep under the rug. I completely understand and mirror your feelings and situations! What you said about time with God, time with your husband and family, the HP thing {I'm a lot more obsessed than people know :)} and the money thing. I'm tempted to start blogging about those very things now! I don't know if it will help, but there is a book, and now a movie, called "The Secret." My mom first told me about it, then one of John's regulars told him about it. It's basically telling you that if you have a positive attitude and have faith, that you will succeed. My parents put this plan into action a few months their business is big enough to support us! At first I was skeptic, because they were talking on the movie about "anything you want...a new car, new house," and I'm like, "we should focus on more important things." But the Bible says it will be given if you ask! John and I have yet to watch/read this thing, but we know we will pretty soon. Maybe something like that would help? I don't know...I just feel you guys so much there. We're more in debt now than we've ever been, and it's embarrassing. But the only way we can get out of debt is if we both work our patoots off in the next year, which really sucks with Chloe being here and me wanting to be a stay-at-home mom. Well, now I'm starting to blog on your blog! I'll leave it at that! I'm really glad you invited me into your deepest thoughts!