Thursday, July 26, 2007

HOUSEWORK...the never-ending battle

So, I'm gonna kinda switch gears to respond to Tracy's oh-so-supportive question about how the housework is going. Actually, it is going rather well for the most part.'s my story.

Hi, my name is Devon, and I'm a clutterbug. There needs to be a C.A...Clutterbug's Annonymous, because I would be one of the charter members. I am sooooo good about setting something somewhere saying to myself that I'll put it away later. And then later...and then later. I'm terrible about it. I'm also terrible about things such as unloading the dishwasher. Why not just USE the stuff in the dishwasher next time you need something?!?

So, that's my starting point. That's where I have to grow FROM to get where I want to be. Where do I want to be? I want to know that if someone drops by, my home is presentable and inviting. Too many times when we've decided to get together with friends, I've said, "Either you give me a 30-minute headstart to get home and do a little straightening OR we go to your house." I hate that. I am a stay at home mom and I still have trouble with this. Anyone who has never done it before would think that I should have all the time in the world. I wish it was that easy. I am not, however, making excuses for's all about discipline and I need to work on that.

SO...what am I doing to work on this? Well, I'll be happy to tell you. I am currently incorporating a new plan that I am very excited about. So, I went to Target to find a dry-erase board. Little did I know that I would find a gem. I found this dry erase boards that are glass and are bored by a solid color and a silver frame. Very cute. You can put pictures, calendars, etc. behind them. SO, I made myself some charts on the computer and taped them behind the 2 dry erase frames. One lists things to accomplish daily (such as making the bed...sweeping the kitchen...making dinner...etc). The other has a list of weekly accomplishments and a list of monthly accomplishments (weekly like laundry/changing the bedding and monthly like dusting my blinds and baseboards). I tried to think of the things that I usually don't think to do like cleaning my vents so that I'd have a visual reminder of what things are often overlooked. Now, I look at the lists daily and mark the daily things off as I go. With the weekly/monthly things I put the date completed next to it so that I know, "Ok...this was done on 7/'s time to do it again." That, of course, would be for weekly tasks. Now, I have no excuse for failing or forgetting to do things...I have my reminders.

SO...that's my housework stuff for now. Anyone have any great ideas for organizing, cleaning, STAYING organized, or any other household tips?


tracyleannellis said...

Great Job! Want to come clean my really disgusting toilets. Ben is busy painting the nursery and hasn't had a chance to clean the bathroom and he will not let me use the chemicals. Oh well, it will get done eventually. Keep up the good work.

Mommy Tike said...

Yay Devon! I am in desperate need of advice in this area. I did go to Target the other day after seeing your cool boards (119th) and they only had pink and yellow, not what I wanted. I might have to get inventive!

One small solution I had found, but it's not in use right now, is that I have a basket to collect mail (only the important stuff, the rest is shredded) and a basket for my receipts since Jason needs them ALL. This helped tremendously in our apartment, but we don't have a place to set them in our house yet - so they're piled on the floor :(

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm on a roll now...2 of my very firsts comments on a blog, all in 1 day :)! Wow! Ok, anyways, here's something that works for me...EVERY NIGHT before we go to bed, my hubby and I go thru the house and pick up whatever is left out and not in its rightful place. Anything we've used or brought home or new mail, whatever, that hasn't made it to its designated spot, gets picked up before we turn in for the night. This helps us in a couple of ways...1) When we get up the next morning, we start a new day with a fresh start, a picked up & clutter free house. Thus we are not starting our new day already behind. 2.) By doing this EVERY day we stay on top of the messes and clutter and it rarely gets out of hand. It only takes us 10 mins each night instead of over an hour once a week. This makes it more manageble for us in our busy lives. 3.) My house is usually always presentable this way. I don't have to worry if someone just drops by and excuse the mess that they are walking into. My toilets might not have been cleaned in a couple of days, but at least the "stuff" around our house is picked up and things are not strewn about. Anyways, obviously adapt this to your lifes and what works best for you. Maybe its picking up during kids nap time AND at night. So, that's my little tid bit of what works for me. Hope it helps someone!! -HB

Mommy Tike said...
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