Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Much Ado About....well...stuff

So, as I mentioned, there has been much going on. First and foremost, I want to give a HUGE shout out to Mr. Levi Jaxson born on MY BIRTHDAY! Congrats to Ben and Tracy on their beautiful new baby boy. He really is a doll.

So, why have things been rough? Well, we had company this weekend. Don't get me wrong...they were perfect houseguests...it was just the fact that we had company. It was Ben's parents and sister. We enjoyed visiting with them, but it was just the prep for them coming, the day spent at the hospital on Friday, then the company being there and then leaving with the clean-up.

To make matters worse, my tooth started bothering me on Saturday. It wasn't too bad...just annoying. Well, Sunday, it got bad. Really, really bad. I told Mark that it hurt worse than labor. It was excruciating to say the least and I was in agony. I've been drugged up on pain meds as much as possible (I had to take a break from the heavy-duty stuff Monday, as I had Emberley). I ended up throwing up 4 times Monday night from medicine. It's been rough. So, today, I went for visit 1 of 3 for a root canal. It was so badly infected that he cleaned out all 4 roots and filled the tooth with medicine. I am also on an antibiotic. I will go back in 2 weeks to have the root canal completed. After that all heals, then I will get my crown restored. Fun process. Let's just say with that $995 bill PLUS quarterly taxes coming due for Mark's business....things are tight. Really tight. Kinda scary, but we've always made it through financial stresses before.

This whole thing did put 1 thing into perspective, however. I now know why I didn't get pregnant when I wanted to. I would have been living with this agony until my 2nd trimester. Do you KNOW that I wouldn't have survived that?!?!? I cannot imagine not being able to get this taken care of immediately! Waiting 2-1/2 days was pure torture. I can't imagine if I was just barely pregnant and had to wait until it was a safe time to do dental work. Man, I am thanking God for not putting me through that!!! Everything always has a reason. Sometimes you see the reason in retrospect, sometimes you don't. I'm sure that God has a grander plan than just avoiding tooth pain, but overall, I'm extremely thankful that He worked this out this way.

Well, it's late. I'm tired. I have Emberley tomorrow. The more tired I get, the more yawning I'm doing and DANG IT! That HURTS!!! So, I'm going to end this and go to sleep.



Bek said...

AGHHHHHHHHHHH...I've attempted two comments so far and it's somehow closed the window on both of them before I could finish! Since I'm holding Chloe and typing w/one hand, I don't feel like typing it again, sorry! sorry about your tooth and hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I can definitely feel your pain as far as the root canal goes! I don't think mine was quite as infected as yours, though, because I was never given pain meds. Good luck with the crown!--AT

Devion said...

They actually didn't prescribe me pain meds...I prescribed me pain meds that I still had from various things. HA!

Bek said...

time to update!!