Thursday, September 6, 2007

My apologies

I apologize for all of you avid blog readers that I'm just now updating. We've been without internet since Friday due to switching providers, people being idiots, and general technology issues. However, I am now back online and for this month only, we have over 400 channels!!! WOW! Guess we're all being lazy slobs, huh?!? :)

I am very, very excited, as I FINALLY, after waiting sooooo patiently, got a new kitchen sink, faucet (and as and added bonus), disposal. Our sink that we had was 6" deep. SIX! The faucet was the 2-knob type, which I absolutely hate! Our disposal was okay, but Mark ended up breaking it trying to remove it because it was stuck. My new sink is TEN inches on 1 side and EIGHT inches on the other side! WOO-HOO!!! The 10" side is considerably larger than the other side. Let's just say more baby bathtubs for us with our next kid(s)!!! They will be bathing in this deep, white, accrylic beauty!!! My faucet is a single handle operation where the faucet is the sprayer. The faucet pulls do your spraying...then, it slithers right back into place. YAY FOR ME!!! :)

Now that I've gloaded about something so...mundane...let me tell a little bit about our journey to the new sink to see if you all can relate. So, when we moved in, the kitchen faucet did not function properly. As my dad was installing the cheapest, 2-knob faucet available, I said, "NO! Don't install that! I HATE those kind!!! Let's just buy the one that we'll keep!" Well, much to my 2-year demise, he installed it saying that it needed to be done now and we would go pick out the "real" one and install it after they fixed a few other things. Over 2 years later, I was still in misery every time I had to use the hunk'o'junk.

So, Mark gets this great idea that: A)I should use my b-day money on a new sink and faucet and B) we should get the black sink that he wanted and he should have equal input into what we were getting. Let's back up 2 weeks to his birthday...what did he get? Let me think......oh, yeah. I new CD player for his work van. Not something that I had input into or would benefit from...

He figured that I didn't want a new sink and faucet bad enough if I wasn't going to use my b-day money for it. Well, a few days later, he started talking about how he went to PetSmart and saw this 10-gallon aquarium that he was thinking about getting. STOP! If you've been to our house, you'd know that he has 2 huge, full-functioning aquariums. Now, he has another 5-gallon set up to help him with an algae problem. He has bought so much stinkin' aquarium stuff since we've had this house (including fish, animals, etc.) and yet I CAN'T AFFORD A STINKIN' SINK!!! I thought that that was complete crap and I told him so.

And he agreed.

So, I got my sink. Without spending my birthday money. I counted up the change in our change can so that it could go towards it. Our sink was $139.00. The change can had $139.50 give or take a few cents. God is good and so is Mark when you reason with him.... :)

So, I have my sink and such case you can't tell...I love it!

The only other thing going on is that I'm gearing up for the birth of little baby Ellis. That's Tracy's baby if you've read comments. Today is her due-date. She is scheduled to be induced tonight/tomorrow morning. They're doing cervadil (sp?) tonight and then will start the pitocin tomorrow. We are praying that she goes into labor on her own before then, but we'll let God take care of that! Either way, it looks like baby E and I will have the same birthday!

Oh, come I'm not a registered user of your blog?!? :( Could you send me an invite to I would LOVE it! :)

Well, ta-ta for corndogs are ready! :)


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Well, I didn't remember your address. I had emailed Bek yesterday or the day before and was waiting to hear your email address. :) I just sent out an invite. Let me know if it works! -- AT

Bek said...

sorry it took me awhile, we just got back from branson! i'll comment and update more when i have both hands to type with!

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time to update! did you get the sink put in yet?