Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I am a busy, busy beaver! Let's see...where to begin. I am up to my eyeballs in daycare registration stuff. I have my fire safety inspection here tomorrow morning and then I send all of my stuff to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment...they process it and send it all back and VOILA! I'm a registered daycare provider. SHEESH!

Not only am I in the midst of all of this, but we're leaving Monday morning at the butt crack of dawn to travel to Chicago. The trip is 2-fold. This has me completely busy because Cassie is staying here with Mark's mom and then my mom. SO, I have to get us all ready to travel and get her all ready to stay. You just have no idea how much planning and preparation this takes if you've never done it before. Just trust me.

To explain the main purpose of the trip, let's travel back a few years. Mark and I were talking about his passion for music and all of the concerts he's been to. I asked him what his dream would be and he said that it wasn't even possible so why think about it. I encouraged him to tell me and he said it would be to see a Genesis concert (Phil Collins). HOWEVER, they broke up in like 1992 or something. They've been his favorite band for a long, long time. Their last tour was around 92.

Fast forward to a few months ago. He came home all excited saying that he THOUGHT he heard the end of an ad on the radio talking about a Genesis reunion tour. He found it hard to believe and really didn't find much on the internet about it. A few days later, he heard the ad and found out that they were, indeed, touring. SO, we started thinking about seeing them to fulfill his life's dream. The closest that they're coming to KC is either Denver or Chicago. Chicago was not only a bit cheaper, but also has the Shedd's Aquarium, as well as tons of other stuff to do. SO, fold 1: Genesis concert...fold 2: Our 5th anniversary is Oct. 26th.

There you have it folks. That's what I've been up to...that's what I AM up to...that's what I'm GONNA be up to. You know the whole story....though it wasn't much of a story.


Mommy Tike said...

I hope you guys have so much fun! I've always wanted to make a trip out of visiting Chicago. I'd planned a whole weeks worth of stuff to do there for our 4th anniversary but we ended up going to St Louis instead. The aquarium sounds great, and so does the Navy Pier! Enjoy the time away just the two of you and know that Cassie will be in good hands. I'm sure it will be hard to be away from her, but it'll be good for each of you ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a good time on your trip! Have you been to Chicago before?--AT

Bek said...

Hey there! Sorry I've been horrible at commenting lately! I hope you guys have a great time in Chicago, it sounds like a blast!! How long are you guys going for?