Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Hunt

In my defense, :) we have only looked at houses to see if we would be comfortable/happy living in the price range we could afford in Wichita. Then, when we lowered our price range rather dramatically, we decided that we'd best look again to see what THOSE houses were like. We ARE done now until we've got a contract on our house here in Olathe. Thanks for the advice, though, Kelly...we can all use a little "be smart so you don't get hurt..." advice. :) Where were you the LAST time I needed it?!? :) :) :)

***Because the typed word is so abiguous as far as tone and delivery are concerned, I felt it necessary to put a disclaimer that I was being sincere with the thanks and not sarcastic as someone might take it. I really was saying thank you and I hope that the Christain love/advice/friendship will continue as we make Wichita our home. :)


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Feeling sheepish... =O)

Bek Life, said...

I know what you feel like Dev, from our talk! Every time Matt finds an opening I investigate the area and then find my dream houses in each city; the count is up to nine cities right now! I think it is important to dream and find out what you really like before you truly have to make a decision for real! I encourage you to dream right now, just don't get set on one specific house until are ready to put an offer down! My advice; DREAM ON! This is the fun time; until you have to sign all those papers that make your head spin and you start second guessing one of the biggest purchases of you life! Love ya!