Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kid Update

Conrey had his 6-month visit today. Hard to believe, neh? He weighed in at 20.8 lbs (though the nurse tried to tell us 28 lbs the 1st time around) and was 26 inches long. He is doing great and has been given the okay to go on to meats, mixed baby foods, etc. Big boy! He had to have 3 shots and the nurse (who was in training) took about 3 minutes to administer all 3. We had a VERY mad baby when it was all said and done. Poor guy! Just wanted to record it!


Jen and Ryan said...

What a big boy! My little one is trailing yours by 5 pounds. We'll have to get together sometime soon. Here's my number: 214-3518.

Anonymous said...

Devon, Callie is 27 or 28 lbs and is right on track for her age!! Ha!

Meshellyn said...

Wow, sure a growing boy! Quite the opposite body type than Cassie, so cute how siblings can be so different in their own ways! Glad he's doing well :)