Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well, hello!

Why yes, I DO post on this blog. Hmmm...I almost forgot you all.

No! Not really. I couldn't forget you all.

Actually, I have thought time and again to post on here. I have planned several posts. All to no avail. Before I forget, I need help. I've tried to post some videos, but I can never get them to upload. Anyone wanna help me with that?

So, what have we been up to since we last spoke? Sickness, travelling, eating, randomness.

The week before Thanksgiving found Mark sick with a sinus infection. Thursday morning, Cassie woke up with dried puke in her hair. Thursday afternoon, I was nursing Conrey when she came up and said she needed to hold me. She then proceeded to puke all over Conrey and all over my lap. Over the weekend, Dani, my Aunt Cheryl, and my Uncle Jim all came to town. We bought Dani's wedding dress Saturday. Monday morning, Mark and Aunt Cheryl woke up sicker than sick. I have never seen the flu as bad as they had it. Dani, as it turns out, got sick Sunday night into Monday morning, as well. Mom got it Monday night into Tuesday. Everyone else escaped unscathed. Conrey is still teething through all of this, so I'm getting no sleep while nursing all of the sickies. Being their nurse...not nursing. Ew.

Wednesday night, we left for "home" to go back to Olathe. We spent a nice, laid-back Thanksgiving at Mark's parents' house complete with the Vickers Lighting Ceremony. Mark had wired up a switch for his parents' Christmas lights. His Dad was all excited saying it could be like the Plaza lighting. I was in the closet where the switch is and everyone else was outside. They did a count down and I flipped the switch waiting to hear the "AH's" over the phone. What they saw was the crescent moon window of the closet light up. I flipped the wrong switch. I quickly turned that off and turned the correct switch on, but the moment was spoiled. I'm never gonna live that one down!

We had a relaxing rest of the time there and came back Sunday. In the midst of all of the other stuff going on, I have continued to have sharp pains in my upper abdomen followed often by stomach sickness. Those of you who know me and/or know my story know that I have a weak stomach/intestines, so I've spent my share of time in the bathroom with all of this going on. I come home and it kind of peaks to the worst it's been. My dad now believes that I might have gallbladder issues going on. Fun. Then, yesterday, I wake up with tooth (which about 1/3 of it broke off over a year ago) hurting. Looks like a root canal is in my future! I've got those 2 issues going on currently. I'm TUI...typing under the influence, which should explain the lack of cohesive thought, grammar, and spelling. I'm taking some drugs for the tooth pain. Don't worry, they're okay for breastfeeding. for some Cassie funnies. Last week, she picked up her baby and began to breastfeed her baby (she had a shirt on). She said, "Our babies are HUNGEE!" I chuckled and kind of passed it off. A few days later, as she is eating cereal, she all the sudden goes, *GASP* "LOOK MOMMY! I have milk now, too!" I am trying to hold back laughing. I look over at her and some of her cereal milk has dribbled down her chest. That girl! She was ready to go get her baby doll, I'll tell ya!

As for my fat buddy, Conrey...he's rolling over now...he's taking a paci now...he's laughing and talking and has become quite vocal. Yes, you read that correctly. He is suddenly a paci man. As many of you know, his tongue is tied pretty far forward underneath it. This has caused him to intake tons of air while nursing because he slips off. THAT, in turn, has caused monumental amounts of spitting up. Just in the last week or so, he has been nursing better and spitting up like 90% less than before. This is a HUGE relief to me. He was a mess with teething and being fussy one day last week. As a last resort, I went and got a paci. He fell in love instantly and has not been without it since! YAY!

He rolls over now, but is much better back to front. He HATES being on his tummy, so then he gets really mad and yells about it until he finally gets flipped back over or gets help. It's pretty funny to watch him roll. It's like he takes a running start or something and it happens super fast. Rollie Pollie.

No news on the house. No surprise there.

SO, I have had a video loading for like 20 minutes now and it's still not loaded. Is that normal? If so, that's obnoxious. I'm gonna save this post and try to come back to it. Good night.

I came back to it this morning and it never loaded up. BUMMER! HELP!

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