Friday, January 15, 2010


I LOVE my new job!!!  Tastefully Simple has become my world lately outside of my home and I LOVE it!  I can be home with my children all day long and then go out and be with ADULTS and have intelligent conversations.  It's exciting.  It's fresh.  It's new.

Part of why I am loving it is because I am introducing people to new products that they've never tried before or even heard of.  A friend of mine said to me today, "I'm so excited to get my products.  I was surprised by how good the products were!  I really liked them!"  You have no idea how much that pumped me up and boosted my confidence in what I'm selling.  It is a product that is good and that is unique.  Some of the other home-based party businesses are over populated.  That's not the case with Tastefully least not in this market.  It is exciting to surprise people.  It is exciting to introduce people for the first time to something that I am so passionate about.

Where has this success come from?  My hard work?  My great friends and families?  My cunning business sense?  No, yes, and no.  I have been feeling so incredibly blessed.  God put this opportunity in front of me.   He placed it on the hearts of my friends and families to have parties for me and to support and encourage me.  He has given me insights.  He has placed people in my path.  He has given me courage.  He has given me strength.  I have truly been blessed by this business.

So, thank you, dear Lord for this opportunity to provide for my family.  Please help me to use the talents that you've given me to your glory.  Help me to be your ambassador when I enter people's homes to present my product.  Help me to touch the lives of the families that I nourish through these products.  Keep my motives pure and my ambition in line with your will.  Thank you.

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Bek said...

That's awesome Dev! I'm very happy for you; what a great feeling to be helping out your family and be able to serve your friends as well! Are you doing this in addition to watching kids during the day, too?