Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not Much To Say

Don't really have much to say, but I wanted to catalog a milestone for baby.  First of all, baby is between a peach size and a large lemon size.  YAY for growth!  Can't believe that we went from poppyseed to that size in only 10 weeks!  It's been hard work!  :)

Anyway, the milestone.  I felt baby move on Easter Sunday.  We pulled in to park at my parents' house for Easter Dinner and I felt a movement.  I know that you're all scrolling to look at my preg. ticker now and thinking that I'm crazy and just have gas.  Not so.  This being the 3rd baby, I know what to look for/expect and I know what I felt.  Plus, I felt it twice yesterday, as well.  Besides, it's really not THAT early if you consider the fact that I felt the other two for the first time at 15 weeks (Cassie at the END of 15 and Conrey on the first day of 15 weeks).  It only seems natural that I'd feel this one earlier.  I was 13 weeks, 3 days.  It was the slightest little movement, but I know what I felt.

I laughed as I told Mark about it and said, "Baby C is even excited to go to Grannie and Grandpa's house!"

Those occasional, little nudges give me assurance that baby is doing alright in there when I have no real way of knowing.  I am always anxious for the stage when baby moves all the time, as it just gives me comfort...even when it is uncomfortable.  I always miss feeling those movements once I deliver.  It is just something special that noone else can ever share with baby. 

Anyway, April 4th, baby moved.  What a fabulous Easter Blessing for this worn out, emotionally drained, most ordinary Momma!

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Jordashblack said...

You're not crazy :-) I felt my first flutter with Madison at 11.5 weeks and started getting pokes and prods at 13 weeks...It's soooo much easier to tell when you've done it before! I hope you feel better soon and get to enjoy your pregnancy!