Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Happenings

So, Mark has a place that is pretty much on hold for us with one exception.  The house is on the market.  The lady made a deal with the realtor to have no renters for the first 30 days that it is on the market.  That should end some time before the end of this month.  The lady has tried to sell the house off and on for 10 years.  SO, we're not too worried about it going before then.  I guess it is a weird floor plan with a bathroom literally in one of the bedrooms or something like that.  Plus, 3 bedrooms are on one side of the house and the other is on the complete opposite end (it's a long ranch).  We'd use that room as a playroom/office, probably, because it is by the kitchen, livingroom.

Here's the deal, though.  Mark hasn't seen the house.  He won't see it until the lady is in town towards the end of the month...she lives an hour or 2 away.  He is ready for us to make plans to move up there before he even sees it.  Seems risky to me to plan on something sight unseen.

SO, if you all would be praying about that decision AND about our house here selling, we would really appreciate it.  If the house here would sell, we would just buy something up there and avoid this whole mess of trying to find a place to rent.  There are lots of good, cheap houses for sell up there.

Thanks for the prayers that I know you all have and will offer up for us.  You've been our rocks through all of this!

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