Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let the countdown begin

So, we're in the home stretch, ladies and gentlemen (If there ARE any gentlemen that read my blog.   No, Dustin...you don't count...sorry)!  The event that we have been looking forward to...waiting and watching for...it is almost here!  I can finally say that, Lord willing, 11 days from right now, I will be in my new home in Alliance, Nebraska!  WOOT!  We have been waiting since the beginning of July to be able to plan a day that we would all be together in NE.  At first, it was "as soon as baby comes."  Then, it was "as soon as Mark finds a house."  It was "this" and "that" and we thought that it was NEVER going to all come together.  Now, my dear readers, it has and we're going to be reunited on Nov 6th! 

So, obviously, we got the house.  Now, there was confusion about the floorplan.  No, there is no bedroom with a bathroom in the middle of it out in the open.  That was a misled conclusion.  But, there IS a rec room that has a sink in it and a closet with a toilet in it.  There IS a laundry room with a shower in it.  There IS a masterbedroom with old, orange carpet.  We are getting a brand new dishwasher.  We are just pretty stinkin' excited to get there.  Mark moved in tonight.  He got okay'd to move in yesterday, packed up everything he had last night, and moved today.  How's that for desperate?!?  :)  He was more than ready to kiss his old, yucky apartment good bye.  Thank you, Lord, for an awesome anniversary present for him!

Oh, did I mention that it's our 8th anniversary today?  We made it through the 7-year itch with no itching problems!  :)  Years 6 and 7 were T-O-U-G-H.  However, our marriage has never been stronger.  We have never been closer.  We have never loved each other more.  We were in the burning fire, but found out through it all, that we are fireproof...and we intend to remain in that state with a lot of hard work and prayers.  Alliance is a town with little to do.  We're excited to spend real, quality time with each other and with our kids with no cable TV (they have cable service...we're just opting out)!  This morning, my doorbell rang and I was presented with 8 roses for 8 great years by the Dillon's delivery man.  What a sweet guy I married!  He's so thoughtful and considerate!

So, that's where we stand.  We will pick up anchor either the evening of the 5th and drive part way or the morning of the 6th and drive straight through.  Either way, God is bringing us back together and we are ecstatic!

Thanks everyone for the continued prayers, the strength and encouragement, and for holding my hand through all of this.  Keep the prayers coming over the next couple of weeks!  I'm gonna need them!!!


Holly said...

Oh Devon!! I am so glad to hear that you finally have an official, concrete date that you are going to be back with your hubby!! Yay!! I know it comes with tremendously bittersweet emotions. I can totally relate to that feeling as we did something very similar just 2 short years ago. It was HARD to leave everything and everyone that were familiar and loved, BUT God has more than taken care of us. Sure I'm lonely at times, and no I don't have family down the street like a lot of my new friends do, BUT again GOD HAS PROVIDED in more ways than I thought possible. And he will do the same for you. I will be praying for you dear friend as you make this transition. I know it is a long-awaited one and I am just so proud of you for walking thru this valley with such grace!! And Happy 8th Anniversary, too, sorry I'm late in my well wishes :). Praying for you...

Anonymous said...

Itch itch, scratch scratch.

Dusty Bottoms

Devion said...