Saturday, October 30, 2010

Overwhelmed and Underpaid

I don't get paid enough for this job...

I had better get lots of hugs and kisses from my husband once I get up to Nebraska!  I'm pretty sure he owes me big time!

I am in the midst of packing...packing an entire house!  Yes, you heard right.  We've decided to move the whole house.  It is mainly a financial thing.  It is going to cost us around $1000 minimum to move.  We don't want to do it twice.  It would shave the cost down a bit...maybe $700 each time, but STILL!  We don't want to do it twice!  So, we're going to get it all packed up, loaded up, and shipped out.  What does this mean?  That I am TERRIBLY behind schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two weeks ago, my sweet friend was going to come help me pack.  I opted for a girl's night instead.  BAD CHOICE!

That same week, a sweet friend DID come help me pack.  I sent her home early saying that I just didn't know what else needed to be packed at that point in time.  BAD CHOICE!

This past week, I rounded up some ladies for a last hurrah at Carlos O'Kelly's instead of rounding them up to come pack.  BAD CHOICE!

A different day this week, I had people over and had them do minimal things because I didn't really think that I had that much left to do.  Keaton wouldn't let me put him down, so they did a few minor things while playing with the kids and I took a shower, got all dressed and fixed up, etc.  BAD CHOICE!

Do you see a trend here?  I seem to be losing ground here.  Don't get me wrong.  I wouldn't go back and change my choices.  I needed those times with the girls and everything.  At the time, we were planning to only move the essentials.  Now, we're moving out everything that we own.  We're clearing out the house and our lives from Wichita as far as material possessions are concerned.  We went from half moving to full house moving and it is a LOT to do with 3 kids.  When mom comes to help, one of us is doing something for the kids the whole time.  It's kind of like trudging through mud!  I know we're making some progress, but it is SLOOOOOOW!

Now, dear readers, I ask you one question: Why am I taking the time to do a blog update when I feel this way?  Simple.  I needed a "get my mind together and straight" break before I lost mind, I mean.

Now, I feel better and refreshed and I'm going to go pack up some DVDs.

the end

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