Saturday, June 7, 2008

2 Memes

I was tagged for a meme and came across a random meme that was tagged to all readers. SO, without further ado, here we go!



Rules are as follows:
*Link to the person who tagged you
*Post the rules on your blog
*Write six random things about yourself
*Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
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Lots of Rules... Here we go:

1. I delight in a well-cooked/well-presented meal. I believe that presentation is half of the success and delight of cooking/entertaining. If something looks good and then tastes as good as it looks, then it is doubly pleasing.

2. I have written this on my blog before, but I have 2 secret dreams in life. The first would be to be a professional chef, the second would be to be a beautician. I don't think either will ever happen, but I love being a professional chef to my husband. :)

3. If it weren't for my phobia of needles, I would be a nurse...probably in labor and delivery. I just could NEVER start an IV, draw blood, or give someone a shot...especially kids/babies. UGH! Plus, I could never make it through the training in nursing school where you have to give each other shots and draw blood from each other (the other students...that thought really makes me quiver!!!).

4. I love to be wined and dined (though I don't drink wine...I'm just using that expression). If Mark ever plans out a date where he takes care of everything and just tells me when to be ready...that is definitely my kind of thing. ESPECIALLY, if the date does NOT involve Mexican food. That's his favorite and we go way too often.

5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the game Settlers of Catan. If you haven't heard of it OR haven't played it ever, you need to!!! It is GREAT!

6. I love pictures, but am HORRIBLE at taking them. I always feel guilty that I don't take enough of Cassie and I'm sure it will be even worse with Conrey. I just don't think of it! I regret it often, but am not sure how to change this habit.

OK...there you have it. NOW for the tagging. I tag: Meshellyn, Heather, Holly, Bek P, Bekah Lynn, and Jamie.




The rules of this meme are simple. List some of your many as you'd like. Go ahead...list 'em! Then, tag people and tell them you tagged 'em.

~I HATE feet. They make me gag. If someone is over the age of 3 or so, forget it! I'm not touching them! I figure I have about a year to get over this, as I'll then have a 3-year-old. However, I don't anticipate being grossed out by my kids' feet...we'll see.

~I have some OCD tendencies. One involves counting. I count things a lot and have to have them end up where it makes sense. Sometimes that means an even number...sometimes that means the numbers have to be multiples of themselves. The volume on the TV has to be on like 55 or 63 (because they are divisible).

~When walking, I always have to start with my left foot and end with my right. If I'm on the sidewalk, I have to step the same number of steps in each square with both feet. Ie: Left, Right, Left, Right -crack- Left, Right, Left, Right. You will literally see me speed up or slow down so that I get at least 1 left and 1 right in each square. If it is a tile floor with smaller squares, I will do 1 foot in each square. If they are little squares where my feet are too big to fit in them, it doesn't bother me.

~Most of the time, my husband and I sleep at opposite ends of our bed. He HAS to have a fan blowing on him to sleep and it gives me a headache, earache, and sinus issues if I have one blowing on me for more than about 5 minutes. SO, I make him sleep with his head at the foot of the bed. When it's open window time, he doesn't have to have the fan directly on him (though still going because we're both addicted to the noise), so we get to sleep like normal, married people.

That's all I'm gonna do for now. You all already think I'm a weird-o now, I'm sure! :)

TAG: Shalee, R Family of 5, Jen, Kelly, Lori, Mandi, MD, AND anyone else who wants to share their quirks with the world!


Bek said...

Okay, I'm praying for Conrey to come out! We know that no matter what, he'll be here on Monday!

Tell me, and be you want visitors, and how long after he comes out of the birth canal do you want them??

I don't by any means want to bombard you (that happened to me, and I didn't get ANY sleep!) So let me know!

Bek said...

Well...B-Day is coming upon us. I'm PRAYING that Mr. Conrey decides to high-tail it out of there before the doctors force him to! Did you hear that, Conrey? GET OUT NOW!!! YOUR MOMMA WANTS YOU TO GET OUT OF HER BELLY!!!

Okay...I'm done now.

I assume you'll be induced around 6 a.m.-ish, so depending on how fast the pitocin works, you'll be holding a baby boy around 2-6 o'clock!!!

Anonymous said...

My answers are up!