Friday, June 6, 2008

Boring Update

So, there is absolutely zero news to report from my dr's appt. Basically, I'm the same...he doesn't forsee me going into labor before Monday (though it's not out of the question...just not likely). He said he'll see me Monday morning. Not the news I was hoping for, but I'm just trying to stay positive. Come on out, Conrey Graham!

As for the other "issue," he told me to take 3 stool softeners in the morning and 3 at night with tons of water. He said that, if I'm still having issues by Sunday afternoon, to take some milk of magnesia. I'm not so sure I can tolerate drinking that stuff, so I hope to get it taken care of the other way.

Yeah...that's about it. Exciting, huh?

Vickers, OUT!

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Laura said...

Devon, Callie is starting to talk a lot too now. She is 19 months now and repeats every word she hears, it seams. Dustin was changing he diaper the other day and the TV had a commercial for Fruit Loops straws. Callie said "Straws, Froot Loops" (nod, nod) Which means "Yep, I want them". Maybe by Christmas (that's the next time we see you, right?) Cassie and Callie can have a little conversation. :-)