Thursday, June 19, 2008


I quickly wanted to post a few things...not much time, but I'm trying to keep up-to-date.

As of last Friday, Conrey was down to 7 lbs 12 oz from his birthweight of 8 lbs 10 oz. From Friday to yesterday (Wed), he gained a WHOLE POUND and is now at 8 lbs 12 oz. YAY!

Another thing that happened yesterday was that his cord fell off. I was so glad and gave him a real bath today in the kitchen sink. Sponge baths are just not adequate!!! :)

Last night, Conrey ate at 9:00, I went to bed at 9:30. Mark brought him up to eat at 11:00. He ate again at 3:00 and then at 6:00. YAY for sleep!!! Cassie didn't wake up until 7:50, so we all slept until then and then Conrey ate again at 8. I feel sooo rested today! However, I still feel exhausted in other ways! HA!

The other day, Cassie said, "We're good friends..." I said, "Who's good friends?" She said, "Me and baby buddy..." That's what she calls him. I thought that was so sweet. I'm glad that she considers him a friend instead of an enemy or competition at this point! :)

Last night, my in-laws were over and apparently Grandad built a tall tower with Cassie while I was feeding Conrey. Later in the evening after they were gone she said, "Grandad built a tall, tall tower." I said, "COOL!" She said, "It was AWESOME!" HA! I wasn't even aware that we use the word 'awesome,' but apparently one of us does!

Well, that's my quick update on the happenings around here. Hope you all have a great day and I'll do some more updates soon!


Holly said...

Hey Friend! I am so glad you guys are doing well and that you ALL seem to be adjusting nicely. I can't wait to see your little man again soon. Did you get my message about dinner next week? Can't wait to see you on Sunday or Wednesday. Have a great weekend!

Bek said...

I didn't even realizing you were updating!! Wow! Precious pictures, and I'll have to post the ones I took at your house and e-mail them to you as well.

After reading your full story down there, it just made me want to cry to know that it was that bad for you. I praise God that you're feeling so great now, though! It brought back bitter memories of my own birthing experience, when I was thinking to myself "why can't I handle this?" and I remember my friends telling me they never cried or hysterically screamed, and I felt so embarrassed that I did. IT'S THE DEVIL DRUG, AKA, PITOCIN!!! I would never, ever, ever wish pitocin on anyone. Although I fully believe they should find a way to give pitocin to sex offenders ;)

Anyways, glad to hear that you're doing great, and we're praying for your recovery still!! I'll keep praying for your sleep, or more accurately, Conrey and Cassie's sleep patterns!

Rebekah said...

Wow I read your play by play leading up to the "Main event!" Thanks for updating-he is sooooo cute!