Thursday, June 5, 2008

4 Days... get this little guy OUT! :) Lord willing, if not before, then 4 days from right now, I will be in the heat of active labor sweating and toiling to get this baby out of my belly!

HOWEVER, I'm definitely having "something" going on right now. I have a TON of increased pressure in my groin/girlie bits/pelvis and am not fully enjoying walking around with said pressure. WARNING: This next part may not be for the squemish! Also, I've got some sort of...well...oozing going on. I am really, really debating as to whether I should go get it checked out or not. I just hate, hate, hate not knowing and not wanting to go in and be sent home after my billions of hospital trips during this pregnancy. I know that I should be "better safe than sorry," but with me not being able to drive and such and with Cassie, it is all just so much more complicated and I have to inconvience at least 1 person...if not 2 to go. Golly.

So, I broke down about bought a book on acupressure. It is on naturally inducing labor if you're set to be induced and want to try to avoid it OR if you're overdue and on pain/anxiety/fear management. There are a few more topics, but they don't interest or pertain to me at this time, so I'm just going for the other stuff. Anyway, I think that it will be helpful. After I did the "opening up your pelvis for the baby to descend" stuff, that is when I started getting all of the pressure, so it seems to me like it worked. We'll see what happens. I wish that Mark was here to do some of the stuff that I can't do (like my low back points and such that are supposed to stimulate contractions). I'll let you all know if it seems to be helpful and will certainly "share the wealth" if it puts me into labor!!! It's an e-book, so I can share it with whomever would like to have it.

In other news, I had a small success in the iron-issues department last night. Aren't you all thrilled to hear that?!? :) Mark wasn't so much. After 5 days, it was news I had to share whether he liked it or not. He quite literally might be the most poo-aphobic person I know. I believe he's changed like 5 dirty diapers in the past 2 years...1 of them being her first ever dirty diaper, so I don't really count that when it was meconium (so not regular poo) and the nurse was helping him (which I imagine means she did most of it). He's funny. Anyway, I had a little progress and hope to have more today. He's for hoping!!!

Well, I'm off to play with the Cassie girl. More updates as necessary!!!


Bek said...

Sounds like the pelvic pressure is a good sign of labor getting going!! I hope that book does wonders, and I'll ask for the wealth when we have our next child, Lord willing!

As far as the leakage goes, did you lose your mucous plug/whatever-they-call-it before you went into labor with Cassie? My mom said that when she had me, she lost it in the hospital, and had no idea what it looked like. With my brother, she lost it at home, and then went into labor about a day later. I know there's no way to tell if it looks "normal" (I know, how can ooze look normal??) If you feel like something's out of place, you would forever and a day regret not getting it checked out. So don't feel bad about inconveniencing people! That's what they're there for! Better to take you now and know all is well than wait a day and find out everything is NOT all right!

There, that's my two cents!

Jen & Ryan said...

I may be asking for that e-book in September! Sounds like your little one is on his way if you're leaking. Hope you get it checked out and find you're in early labor.

**Labor dust!**

md said...

Good luck, I hope that he comes on his own but being induced isn't that bad. That was the only way Caleb would come out and even then he wasn't quick about it. Check out my blog when you have I chance, I tagged you.

Meshellyn said...

Sorry I didn't give you a call back today, I didn't get your message until later and now it's too late - I think. I hope you got things figured out and if you're still up you can give me a call. I'm just sitting here getting ready to wait out the storm :{

Chelf said...

My hubby is not so poo-aphobic. He even offered to take care of poopy diapers if I would be the one to field the vomit. Yep, he is totally unprepared to deal with either, but I can handle almost anything.

Jelly Bean asked for him to change her diapers, but she was nice, she only gave him wet ones. I think she will have him trained by the time we get a kiddo. I can hope, anyway.