Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yeah, so, I've been avoiding this post. As of tomorrow, our house goes on the market and we begin our OFFICIAL journey of moving to Wichita. We are having an emotional time with this, but believe that God has great plans for us there. Mark truly misses working with his hands and the opportunities for that seem to be in Wichita at this point. The economy there is BOOMING and there are a multitude of jobs available. It is scary, it is emotional, but it is extremely exciting. I'll continue to keep you updated and try to do so more often. To those of you here, I am already missing you. That's all I can say for now.


Laura said...

I'm really excited for you guys, Devon! I don't know why. I feel like you are moving closer, even though we don't live there. I will be able to see one of your houses, finally! :-) You know, I still haven't seen seen any of your KC houses. Do you think you guys will be moved by Christmas? Call me sometime.

heather said...

Wow. This is a lot to take in for you and your family - new baby, big move. You are understably emotional. Sounds like you're taking it one step at a time, though, which is good. I'll be praying for you!

BEK Life said...

One bite at a time. I think I will be in the same boat as you next year; Big move (to God only knows where right now, New job X2 (one for Matt and one for me!), unpacking and planning a nursery. I have told you Matt and I want to start a family after we are settled wherever right? Well that's our plan anyway- we will take whatever God gives us! :) Love ya lots-last weekend was an emotional roller-coaster I read your post-sorry we couldn't meet up. I will call you soon with updates!

Meshellyn said...


JK, I think I should be allowed to pout just a little though :)

Good luck with your move and all of the decisions and changes that need to take place. I'm sure that if you are feeling God is leading you down this path, than He must have a better plan for your family. I'll be excited to read or hear your plans as they're made!

TacoDave said...

You're moving closer to me!

Wait a second... No, no you aren't. Now who am I going to stay with when an airline strands me in KC or I need a ride from the airport?

Thanks a lot, jerky!

Bek said...

Wow, what a busy time in your life! I'll be praying for you, because I know this is hard (and somehow exciting at the same time.)

I'm sad that I may not get to see much of you anymore, with us moving to Florida in the near future. I hope one day we can plan an "Old School Young Marrieds" Vacation with our little ones one day with everyone! Who knows, it could happen!