Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Picture info and such

First of all, the pictures were taken by a girl named Katie. I believe her company is called Kathryn Jenkins Photography. Anyway, it was a completely relaxing atmosphere in her apartment. She was not in any hurry and it was really laid back. We were there 2.5 hours and she just took her time, was really patient with the kids, cleaned up spit up, etc. I will DEFINITELY use her again in the future. If anyone is interested in pics, I can give you her number and/or the link to her pictures. She was just really fabulous. She specializes in black and whites, but does color photography, as well.

We're all hanging in there...we've had a cold...a nasty one at that. I started out with it and now the other 3 have it. Having an infant with a cold is no fun. Poor little buddy!

DANG! I gotta go attend to that little buddy. I'll update more when I can.

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Holly said...

Hey, I am sorry to hear you guys have/had colds! That really stinks! Hang in there dear.