Thursday, July 24, 2008


So, we pretty much called off the whole moving thing last night and then re-instated it today. I am really DONE with this whole rollercoaster. Mark still does not have a job secured, but has a few offers/options available to him. Last night he pulls the whole "I don't think we should put our house on the market without me having a job said and done..." thing. NO, REALLY??? I guess he confirmed some things this morning (after some *ahem* words between us last night) and decided to NOT call the realtor to call it off. SO, why on earth am I posting when I should be getting the house ready for pictures, showings, etc? I'm not really sure. :) I guess because I truly cannot believe that we're going through with this. I guess because I truly cannot believe that before long I'll be living in ta-town once again. I guess because, though I completely trust God to do what is best for us, I am still not convinced that Mark is going to go through with moving. But, the house is going on the market. We've set a goal for the lowest we're willing to take for our house and trust that if we're meant to move, we'll make that or better. God is truly in control and we're just going to go along for the ride. Whoa... Now, if this ride would just level out and quit going up and down, we would all feel a little less nauseous...

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