Thursday, July 24, 2008

A post NOT about the house

My kids just remind me of God's goodness, of life's humor, and of the faith of a child. I feel so blessed every time I look at them, interact with them, and when I watch them sleep. Conrey is getting to be quite the butterball. That reminds me of God's wonderous workings of body supplies everything he needs right now. Cassie's vocabulary and grasp of language is ever increasing and making me appreciate the gift of speech and vocal chords. God is good.

If you are not a reader of my brothers' blog, I suggest you pop over here. I say "brothers'" because it is my brother, TacoDave's blog, but my brother, Doc, has been contributing. It is very insightful, inspirational, and encouraging to me. Sometimes, it is just plain funny. Right now, however, they are discussing media and what it can do to your mind and spirit. I just wanted to share a little story about my brother, Doc's, 6-year-old son, L. He was playing video games (namely, the Wii) with my dad. They were about to begin another round when he stopped Grandpa and said, "No, we have to study the Bible and talk about God for as long as we've been playing video games." The simple faith of a child who has his priorities all worked out. Oh to be able to be that dedicated. It is a testament, also, to his parents for instilling those principles into their son. I only wish that L would stay a sweet, innocent child forever.

Well, Mr. Conrey is screaming up a blue streak, so I'd best go rescue him. Take care everyone...

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