Sunday, November 11, 2007


Is it JUNE YET??? it June?!? OKAY...I'll take Christmas even...I have estimated that I should cease my sickness (LORD WILLING) just before Christmas. That's not that long to wait is it? Someone PLEASE tell me it's not.

So, several weeks ago when I had the flu, I was tired of puking. SO tired of puking. Now, I would give just about anything to puke at times. When I am so sick and know that if I could just ralph I would feel I try thinking of gross things (you all KNOW how I feel about hair in my food) doesn't work. Is it too much to ask for a little puking when I want?!? :)

I am really, really glad that the past 2 weeks are over. I thoroughly enjoyed snuggling little Levi (Tracy's 2-month-old), but it is HARD when you have an almost-3-year-old, 2 almost-18-month-olds, an almost-6-month-old, and a 2-month-old WHILE feeling the above feelings and being more tired than you can explain. It's weird though...I think because of the daycare, I haven't felt as overwhelmingly tired as I did last time. Taking a nap is simply NOT an option, so I just keep on going and know that I just have to make it through the day. I have been and I've been doing amazingly well for me. I don't usually do so well with less sleep than my body is telling me I need. For now, I'm managing A-OK.'s Sunday afternoon and I'm not napping...that has to say something!

Cassie continues to entertain me daily. She is just so amazing. I know, I know...everyone's own child is amazing. I'm not trying to imply that she is a genius or anything (though I'm not ruling it out either). :) She's just at a stage where she soaks EVERYTHING up sooooooo fast! Last night I thought, "You know, it's sad...I don't sing Jesus Loves Me nearly enough." So, I started singing. She sang keywords right on cue. I couldn't believe it. With how little I've sung the sweetest children's song, she still had packed it away in her little brain. With the ABC's, she says the following letters: ABCFGHIPQRSVXZ Then, she sings bits and pieces of the "Now I know..." part. We've only been singing it regularly for the past week or 2. It's just incredible what those little brains are capable of!!! I'm not sure if I previously blogged this or not, but she also counts to 10 if I supply "3." She always seems to skip that, which is my favorite number, so I don't get it... :) Maybe she's just being nice and letting me say it since it's my favorite. You know how when you get to the end, you say "TEN!?" She says, "eight, NINE! ten." I guess she likes 9.

I am so, so, so excited that Mark finally got my maternity clothes out of storage. I had seriously forgotten how much fun stuff I had. I need those clothes badly, though, as everything else is really uncomfy and ouchy. YAY! A few things shrunk somewhere between the 4 people that borrowed them since I last wore them (or I grew a few inches), :) but I don't mind having high-waters as long as I'm comfy! :)

As a final thought, I think that I'm going to take all of the archives that were "personal" stuff and erase them from my blog (I'll keep copies saved on a USB stick if anyone ever has reason to want them). I want to make my blog public so that more people can read it and I can quit sending invitations. I miss my brothers' rude comments...what can I say???

SO, my family might be taking a trip to Hawaii in March for my sister's senior spring break. For my senior spring break we....uh....did nothing. My brothers both got married the previous year and there was no money for a spring break trip. THANKS, LAURA AND AMANDA!!! :) Just teasing. I think we drove somewhere. I don't care...I get to go on Dani's trip! WOO-HOO! So, we just need to make sure that A) My doctor allows me to go. B) The airline allows me to go (remember that I look like I'm at the popping point by at least then if not before). C) I don't have problems like I had with Cassie where I'm on bedrest. D) I find a really cute bikini! HEE HEE!!! I want to be the super-huge pregnant lady in a bikini. That would be funny.

OK...enough babbling from the pregnant lady. Give me a keyboard and 5-10 minutes and you never know WHAT you'll get!!! I will say in closing that me and baby *boy* are trying to learn how to get along together a little better and hopefully we will be happily co-existing soon. I just think that it's a boy. We'll find out late Jan/early Feb for sure (Lord willing). We will get to peek into his/her little world on Wednesday, though, when we have our first OB appointment.

SHEESH! Enough is enough! D. Vick...out!

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