Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I just wanted to pass on some very exciting news. I am going to have a new neice...in a sort of unconventional way. What I mean is that my sister-in-law Amanda has a sister, Becky, that desperately wanted to be a mother. She is the sweetest, most kid-friendly person I know and it has just been her heart's desire. Amanda's 2 older sisters live together and neither are married. Well, Becky recently decided that she was being called to adopt a little girl. She didn't know who, when, or how, but she knew that she was meant to be a mother and that if that was God's plan, He would make it happen. She got the call yesterday! She has been chosen as the new mommy of a little 4-year-old named Ariana. My mom helped her through this process and, though we are really only related to Amanda, we are close with her whole family and are going to be her second family (since Becky is not married). My parents will be Grannie and Grandpa to Ariana and we'll be Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins to her. We are simply thrilled that God has orchestrated this for Becky and know that this little girl will have a very full life. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! If I get Becky's permission, I'll post a picture of Ariana on here for you all to see...she's a doll!


TacoDave said...

Devon is a loser! And she wishes Mark was Mexican, because that's her favorite!

Gay gay gay.

Ding dong the witch is dead.

Stupid comment #4.


Bek said...

WHOA, update galore! I haven't checked your blog lately since you've been sick and unable to update. I love reading long posts, so I'm very glad that you updated!!!

I love the website! Great idea! My parents have one too, but the guy hasn't finished it (they hired him like 6 months ago...) Did Jeremy do it? We were thinking of having him do theirs. It's www.williamselectricllc.com

I'm so proud of your sister, too! She's such a sweetheart and that is amazing that she's accomplished that!!

I know what you mean about staying busy. But goodness gracious, Devon, you're busier than a hive of bees! I hope you're faring well under the pressure!!!

I'm probably going to stop by after lunchtime tomorrow (Thursday) so I can sleep in on my day off! I'm going to e-mail you my phone number if you need to call me.

Have a great night!!!

tawnyamarie said...

Hi Devon: Just catching up on some of your older blogs when I ran across this one. How exciting. Did you know I went to York with Carrie and Becky? Tell them hi from me when you see them!