Sunday, November 11, 2007

Vickers Electric is going modern!

Check it out: Take a look. If you see any grammar/spelling/formatting issues...PLEASE let me know! I'm the "editor" and I'm kinda stupid these days! :)

Also, I forgot to brag on my sister in my long, rambly post. She was at the National High School Journalism conference this weekend. She submitted her school News Magazine (of which she is the head editor) and also an individual piece...her layout design. Her staff got 8th in the entire nation (there were like 4500 kids there) for their magazine and she......

She.....I'm so proud. She got the highest possible award (superior) for her layout out of all of the layouts submitted in the ENTIRE NATION!!! She got a big shiny medal on a purple ribbon. I'm so incredibly proud of her that I could just spit! NO...that's 'cuz I just ate a whole package of gummy bears. Anyway...SO proud!!!

OK...that's all. I'm done now!

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