Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mid-week Mayhem

It is only...ONLY Tuesday...

I slept maybe 3-4 hours last night. 

Conrey is sick.

I had to cancel watching my kiddos today because of him being sick and me being exhausted.

I had to cancel playgroup tomorrow because he is still running a fever.

He napped in his bed for about 20 minutes.  Just as I was laying down to nap, he woke up crying.  He wanted to be held to sleep.  He slept (with his blankie) on my chest.  Did I mention he has a fever?  I was boiling to death and thought I was going to puke from heat stroke.  Once he was sound asleep I rolled him onto the bed and tried to rest myself.  Not-so-much.  I think that I slept for 30 minutes or so, which I'm thankful for.  It was just not very restful with a sick baby next to me who was very, very restless.

I threw up on our keyboard this morning.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I was sitting at the computer and decided to take my vitamin.  It and the drink that I was taking it with came right back up in about .002 seconds.  Next time, I will take my vitamin while standing over the sink.

I got 5 boxes from Tastefully Simple today including everything from our new line.  I am SO excited about our spring line.  If you love to cook out/bbq, check out the spring product line on the lower left of our website: http://www.tastefullysimple.com/.  It is awesome!  If you love to cook for the season, we've got some awesome products to help you do just that!  I am needing about $500 more to reach my goal by March 16th, so if you're interested in placing an order, please let me know ASAP!  :)

That was definitely the bright spot of my week so far...getting all of those products to sample and fall in love with just as I did the fall/winter line, which is expiring March 7th!

My kids have their first dental appointment on Friday.  I had no idea that Cassie should have gone to the dentist by now.  Is that awful?  Apparently, you're supposed to start at age 1.  I didn't know.  Dumb mommy...  Conrey has a spot on one of his teeth that I think might be an enamel deficiency.  Wonder what fun that will mean for him?  I just sincerely hope that the kids inherited Mark's teeth and not mine.  Hear that baby?  Pick your daddy's tooth genes!  They're WAY better!

I guess that is about all of the exciting news that I have for you.  I'm probably boring some of you with this, but wanted to post a quote from Cassie, as seen on facebook.  She tooted the other day and then said, "Put THAT in your book..."  Mark taught her that, but she's never actually said it.  It's from Dance With Wolves.  Cracked me up!

Thanks for stopping by (or reading on Google Reader...).  Catch 'ya later.

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Jen and Ryan said...

Sorry to hear about the keyboard. If you didn't get all the "stuff" out, you may want to unplug it for the night and turn it over to let it dry out.

Who are you using for a dentist? Kaden now has 11 teeth (three new ones within the last week) and your post made me think it's about time to get him in.

Hope you all get to feeling better!