Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little bit of nothing

So, just felt like I should do an update of some sort.  Plus, I had some pictures that I wanted to share, so I'll just stick them randomly in here.  :)  They are poor quality because they're uploaded from my phone.

Conrey has been very interested in the potty lately, though he's never actually used it.  Here is our 1 day wearing big boy undies which I ended in pee on the floor.  Is that not the cutest little figure you've ever seen?!?  HA!  Such chunky little legs!

He thinks that he's a pretty big man these days.  We've been having a problem with him biting and biting and biting.  So far, he's only bitten Cassie (over and over again) and one time he bit the 1-year-old that I keep.  SO SORRY!  I caught him before it made a mark, but the little guy was still not happy!  I'm trying to figure out how to nip this in the bud, so if you've had a biter, give me some tips!

He has become quite the flirt.  Here he is flirting with some teenage girls at a restaurant one night.

He kept putting his hand under his chin and posing for them with this goofy little grin.

Finally, here's a picture of his angry face.  That was a "I TOLD YOU I DON'T WANT TO SHOW OFF ANYMORE, MOM" face.  Even his angry face makes me laugh!

The other night, out of the blue, he counted to 10.  WHAT?  I didn't know he could count past 3!  I was rather surprised by it!  He won't do it for the camera, though.  Bummer!  He says, "Un, ooo, eee, or, ive, ix, evan, ae, eye, EN!"  It's pretty funny!

I'll leave you with a silly face that he made on night over and over:

Now for some sweet pictures of my girl.  The first one is from when Mark was working out of town last week.  She came out of bed crying that she missed Daddy, so we took a picture to send to him to make them both feel better.  Although it's crummy quality, you can still tell that she's sad and trying to look happy.

Here are two sweet pictures of her that I think just show her sweet side (which we're seeing more and more as we're "training" in obedience. 

She really is getting the hang of the "I'm the mommy/You're the kid" concept.  It's been a tough one to reprogram after our failing to keep it up as she has gotten older.  She is definitely maturing.  She still won't learn her letters, but is actually very interested in adding and can do very simple addition problems.  She can look at a group of objects and mentally determine how many there are very quickly and can recognize patterns of things very well.  She loves rhyming and will say, "HEY!  That rhymed!"  Of course, she'll also say things like she did this morning: "Snow White, White!  That rhymes!"  Silly girl!

I suppose that I should update on baby bunting baking in the oven.  Cassie has decided to call it Baby "C".  Baby C is now about the size of a kidney bean.  The placenta is taking over this week, which Daddy hopes means I'll be less crazy and emotional each and every day.  :)  All of the bones, muscles, and organs are, Lord willing, in place and the bones in the legs are starting to harden.  The facial features are forming and eyelids have already covered the little eyes.

Such a mysterious miracle going on in there!  I am thankful that the creator, my great God can see what is happening in there and is orchestrating each and every cell.  Thank you, Lord!

Well, I guess that's all.  My three kiddos in a nutshell (though baby C is the only one that could actually fit in said nutshell).


Donna said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly T said...

Donna always beats me to commenting. =O)

The pic of Conrey's undies still cracks me up. And I love the second pic of Cassie - sweet girl.

Meshellyn said...

Hahaha, your nutshell comment makes me laugh. The "angry face" of Conrey reminds me of Cassie at that age - not that she looked angry, but I can see her in his eyes/forhead!

Any advice on the obedience training? Would love to hear it!

Glad you posted pictures :D

Holly said...

I agree with Michelle...glad you posted pics!! Your kids are too cute and getting so big. I can't believe how much Conrey looks like Cassie!! Loved this post!