Friday, May 7, 2010


I think not.

I am talking about a book that I found at Border's yesterday.  I was in the section for young children.  The target age was like 6 and under.  I was picking up the "I'm a Big Brother" book by Cole for Conrey.  Cassie loves the sister one and I wanted to get it for Conrey.  Right now, we read it all as "I'm going to be a big brother..."  He has really enjoyed it.  We've already read it multiple times.  If you have a little sibling coming, I recommend these books.

However, I do NOT recommend the book next to it that was called something along the lines of "There's a Baby in Mommy's Tummy" or something like that.

Where do I begin?  I thought that it would be a good one to get to go along with the big sister/brother books. 

Then, I started reading it.

It started out good enough...My name is Elizabeth!  You can't really tell by looking, but there is a baby growing in my mommy's tummy!

I flipped a few pages and saw a questionable picture of "mommy" and "daddy" in bed with Daddy on top of mommy and, though it wasn't graphic, it was obvious that they were naked.  Curious, I read something along these lines and I am NOT fact, I'm kind of cleaning it up:

"Sometimes Mommy and Daddy like to lay in bed together naked.  They hug and kiss a lot.  That makes them feel good, so they want to touch each other all over.  Then, when Daddy gets really excited and can't wait any longer, he slips his


Yes, it went on from there to describe what a daddy does and how great it is, etc. etc.  This is for people the age of my completely innocent daughter!!!!!!!!  I was flabbergasted.  I flipped back a page before and there was, complete with pictures, diagrams of male and female anatomy.  There was a picture of what a daddy would look like when he's ready to make a baby (yes, you get my point) and a gynecologist's view of mommy.  Seriously not joking.

I am not only disturbed by this book, but am offended that it even exists!  Is this seriously the point we've come from?  I feel that sex has been made very taboo and is portrayed as "wrong" among Christians via the poor light that is cast upon it.  I believe that it is a huge injustice to Christian youth because it is misrepresented and very often causes confusion and issues for teens that have waited until their married feeling guilty, ashamed, etc.  I think that this needs to be corrected, for sure!  HOWEVER, I believe that there is a time and place for education and I do NOT think that that is preschool!  Yes, there are questions about how baby got in mommy's tummy.  Children are curious.  Isn't there something wrong with a 4-year-old knowing that much?  Doesn't that sort of TMI so early in life cause promescuity and too MUCH curiosity?

What are your thoughts.  I can't get this out of my head, because it really bothers me.  How do I know that school won't using something like this to teach my kindergartener?  How do I know that the next door neighbor doesn't own this book and thus expose my daughter when she goes to play?  I am just freaked at the moment. 

Where is the value in innocence, imagination, and protection for our babies???

Oh, and if you think that I'm crazy, overacting, etc., please comment, as well.  Thanks!


Bek said...

I'd like to send a letter to Border's and tell them not to stock the book, and send a letter to OneMillionMoms. They fight for stuff like this, and in their FAQ section on their website they openly state that they do it to promote biblical truths.

Wow. That makes me kinda sick.

And as far as learning that stuff in school, it makes me really appreciative that John and I both agree on homeschooling our kids. Not just for those reasons alone, but a lot of others. There will come a time when we let go and let them into the world to make their own choices. I think that six years old is not old enough, especially with a book like that around! Yikes!

Donna said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think you are overacting or crazy. That is the worst thing in the world. I agree that there is a time and place for everything and it is not in preschool or kindergarten. If I had the talent for homeschooling (trust me I have tried and do not), I would probably look at doing this. All I can do is be very, very active in Addison's school and pray that it will be okay. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the Maize schools so for now I feel good about the decision to send her there.

That book just makes me sick too!

lauraelizabeth said...

As an aspiring sex therapist, Social Work major, and from a 19 year old's perspective, I ALSO COMPLETELY AGREE!!! Obviously, with being in tune with learning as much as I can about the mechanics and everything else that has to do with sex, I very strongly believe in education and protection, but I also feel that there is such thing as "stealing a child's innocence." Your daughter is 4? That's what too young! My mother is a RN and she taught me about sex when I was 11 or 12, if i remember correctly. At that age I still thought it was disgusting; I couldn't imagine what a 4 year old would conjure up in their mind! A boundary should be in place and I feel that most parents are just thinking, "Well, I should be the democratic, contemporary parent and teach my child early about sex." Problem: There is such thing as TOO early and her brain has not developed enough to the point of being able to understand everything she needs to know about sex. I feel a distorted image of what sex really is and what it should be would result as well.

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Really loved the post!

koltonsmomma said...

Wow! I am new to this blog spot. I was so happy when I ran across your page, seeing OMG finally another mother! I can't believe this though! That is absolutely horrible. I do not understand why any one would put that book on their shelves or even what the author was thinking!!!