Thursday, May 20, 2010

Planning, Preparation, and Positive Thinking

Now that the shock of our baby boy #2 has worn off, we are all getting very excited with visions of brotherly love, future bunkbeds, big-sister-bossy-itis, and all things blue.  I am praying from this minute forward that Conrey and Keaton be friends, not rivals.  I'm not niave enough to think that there will be no conflict between them.  I simply hope and pray that they will grow up being friends and companions.  I pray that Cassie loves being the only girl and that she is not too spoiled. 

I pray that sleeping situations work out with a small baby.  Keaton will be rooming with big sister, so I just hope that that goes as well as I believe it will.  Cassie is a much sounder sleeper than Conrey, so I hope that the baby being in her room is the better option.  The kids' rooms share a wall, so I just hope that Conrey isn't disturbed even without the baby in his room. 

I'm currently trying to figure out how to make Conrey's June wardrobe fit an October baby.  Conrey was big, so I don't have any hope of stretching his clothes for Keaton unless Keaton is giant baby, which would not be mommy's preference!  :)

We reached 20 weeks yesterday.  For those of you that have never counted down week by week inching ever closer to the end, there are typically 40 weeks in a pregnancy.  The day you hit 40 weeks is your due date.  SO, 20 weeks is a pretty huge milestone as the halfway point.  24 weeks is typically when they say your baby has a chance of survival if they are born prematurely, but babies have been saved as early as 21 weeks.  I'm not planning to have this baby early (well...maybe a few days or weeks...),  :) but I was just giving perspective to where we are in the process.  My dear friend, Holly, had a baby at 27 weeks 5 days (1 lb 11 oz).  It was a terrifying 80 days in the hospital for their little princess, but nearly 2 years later, she is a beautiful, thriving, healthy little thing.  Medical Science is truly, truly amazing and God is GOOD to reveal His mysteries to us little by little!

That was a really random tangent.  Wow.  Sorry 'bout that.

I have been having issues with sleeping well lately.  It comes with the preggo territory, but I have never had the issues that I'm currently facing so early and so brutal.  Yesterday, I could. not. walk.  I could not take a single step on my left leg.  After MUCH work from my dad at his office (he's a chiropractor for those of you who do not know that), MUCH freezing from ice packs, some tears, and prayers, I slowly "unlocked" and was able to get some relief.  This morning, we've taken a few steps back, but I'm up and walking around, just slowly.

With my previous 2 pregnancies, I would get to a point where I would have to crawl to the bathroom if nature called in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning without time to stretch and massage that particular muscle.  That was at like 30 weeks or something.  This time is much more quickly (20 weeks, remember?) and much more vicious.  My chiropractor is leaving town until Monday, too, and I told him that he couldn't go!  :)

OH!  This has NOTHING to do with the baby or pregnancy, but I'm going to share it anyway!  I have started making "Green Slushies/Smoothies" for Cassie and SHE LOVES THEM!  They are quite sneaky, so you have to make sure that you make them when the littlies aren't watching.  Here's the recipe:

2 c. frozen strawberries
1 c. frozen peaches
5-6 drops stevia (which I don't use, so I substitute) 2-3 TB of sugar
1 to 1-1/2 c. water to make it slushie.

Blend it all up until there are no green chunks left.  Serve with a spoon and a straw or let it thaw some and put it in a sippy cup.

When it is fresh, we call it a slushie.  When it is thawed, we call it a smoothie.  You can sub bananas for the peaches or most any fruit, really.

I do not care for them.  I can taste the spinach and it weirds me out.  If I used less spinach, I would drink them, but who wants to use less when I got a 4-year-old DRINKING SPINACH!!!!!!  She won't touch veggies with a 10-foot pole!

Ok...that's my story for now.  Everyone have a blessed day and remember that God is BIGGER than whatever issues you might be facing!

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Holly said...

I am so sorry that you are already having trouble walking :(. I pray that your dad is able to help u get it under control I I and that u won't have to deal with it for the entire remainder of your pregnancy!! Thanks, too, for the tangent/shout out :)! I have so appreciated your love, support, prayers & amazement of our little miracle over the past 2 years! You are such a great friend! Also, I am going to have to try those smoothies/slushies!! Addison won't eat veggies either...which is so odd because when she ate baby food she preferred veggies over fruit but now i can't get her to eat them! Anyways she loves shaved ice and fruit so maybe she would eat these and I could ge some veggies in her. I'll have to try it!!